Help us to stop bowel cancer

Ambassadors and patrons

We have the pleasure to be able to call on some amazing celebrities to act as our ambassadors and patrons to promote our work.

Lord Foster (President)

Our President Lord Foster, creator of projects such as Stansted Airport, London's Millennium Bridge and 30 St Mary Axe (known as the Gherkin), wants to raise awareness of bowel cancer.

Lord Foster said: "I'm delighted to be Bowel Cancer UK's President. I want to help raise awareness that early diagnosis of the disease leads to a high chance of survival. Regular exercise and eating healthily is a crucial factor in reducing your risk of developing bowel cancer."

Tom Hardy

Oscar nominated Actor Tom Hardy became our patron in 2012 after attending our 25th Anniversary celebration at number 10 Downing Street. Best known for roles in Legend, Inception and The Revenant, Tom was honoured to become a patron to help the charity raise awareness.

Tom said: "I am delighted to become a patron of Bowel Cancer UK. I'd like to help the charity to increase awareness and help stop people dying needlessly from the disease. I hope you'll join me."

Charlotte Riley

Actress Charlotte became our patron along with her partner Tom Hardy in 2012 after attending our 25th Anniversary celebration. She chose to support us to make sure that both women and men are aware of the symptoms bowel cancer.

Charlotte said: "I am thrilled to become a patron of Bowel Cancer UK. I'm joining the charity to make sure that both women and men are aware of the symptoms of the disease and know what to do about them. Early diagnosis is so crucial to saving lives."

Julia Bradbury

The Countryfile and Wainwright Walks presenter Julia became our patron following her mother’s diagnosis of the disease. She is keen to promote the benefits of exercise as part of reducing the risk of getting bowel cancer.

Julia said: "I'm delighted to become a patron for Bowel Cancer UK. So many people are continuing to die needlessly from this disease. This doesn't have to happen. If people are diagnosed early, the survival rates are high. Regular exercise and a good diet also helps to reduce the risks of bowel cancer. I urge anyone who is concerned about the disease affecting them or their loved ones to make an appointment to visit their GP today. Our family have had personal experience of dealing with all the issues and emotions surrounding bowel cancer as our mother was diagnosed earlier but now on the road to recovery."

Charlene White

ITN presenter Charlene is deeply dedicated to raising awareness of bowel cancer after losing her mother to the disease when she was just 21.

Charlene said: "Becoming a patron for the charity means a lot to me. I lost my mother to bowel cancer when I was 21, after quite a few years of illness - so I am passionate about the issues and the charity. So many people are still so unaware of the illness despite someone dying every 30 minutes of bowel cancer.

"That's why more people need to learn to spot the signs early - as it's highly treatable. I know we're constantly told that we should be eating healthily - but simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can save your life. And it's important that we all understand that...before it's too late".

The Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis

Ephraim Mirvis is Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. He is only the 11th Chief Rabbi to take up this position since the office was introduced in 1704. He chose to support us to help raise awareness.

Chief Rabbi Mirvis said, "Bowel cancer can be a devastating diagnosis, affecting not just the individual concerned but the whole family.  That's why I very much welcome this invitation from Bowel Cancer UK to become a patron of the charity, anything I can do to help prevent families from living through this kind of experience can only be a positive thing."

Rupert Evans

British actor Rupert Evans (The Man In The High Castle, American Pastoral) is our newest patron. Rupert, whose family has been directly affected by bowel cancer, says: “Being a patron of Bowel Cancer UK means the world to me. It’s a charity very close to my heart and I know first-hand how devastating this disease can be on the individual and the whole family. Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK, but it doesn’t have to be this way - it’s treatable and curable, especially if diagnosed early.” 

Chris Read

Cricketer Chris has supported the charity since 2007 when he ran the New York Marathon in honour of his first cricket coach, Trevor Ward, who died of the disease. Since becoming a patron Chris has supported the charity in many different ways.

Chris said: "It is an immense honour to have been asked to become a patron of Bowel Cancer UK. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all those I have come in contact with at the charity over the past few years and prior to that when I ran the New York marathon. As a patron I will ensure that together we raise awareness of the disease whenever and wherever possible and that the charity gets all the support it deserves."

Pamela Ballantine

Pamela is known to many people in Northern Ireland through her role as a UTV presenter, in a career spanning 31 years. She is currently a freelance presenter, reporter and on radio station U105. Pamela's move to support our work has been motivated by a devastating personal loss.

Pamela said:"I lost my friend a few years ago to bowel cancer. That's why I understand how important it is to raise awareness of this disease. I really want to do anything I can to make more people aware of the symptoms of bowel cancer and I'd like to urge anyone who is concerned to visit their GP."

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