Help us to stop bowel cancer

Organise your own

Get together with friends and family and help us to stop bowel cancer by organising a fundraising event in your home, community, school or work. Whether you hold a bake sale, sponsored walk or non-uniform day, your support will help fund vital research and lifesaving work to stop bowel cancer.

Together we can stop bowel cancer in our lifetime. 

At home

Get together with your friends and help us to stop bowel cancer by holding an event at home.  There are a few ideas below to help you fundraise at home.

Great Start Breakfast

Hold a weekend breakfast at home and serve up your favourite breakfast treat for your friends. Ask for a donation from each guest and then relax and enjoy the morning. Order materials for your breakfast here

A big night in

Open your home to friends and family and enjoy some drinks, dinner and a few games and ask everyone to chip in what they would have spent on a night out. Order materials for your night in here.

Collection box

Request a collection box from us by emailing Have it in your home and fill it with loose change. Once it’s full just send in your money and start all over again. We will send a certificate each time so you can keep track of what you have raised.

At work

Fundraising at work can be fun and rewarding. There are lots of easy and simple ways you can support us and remember any amount, large or small, will help us to stop bowel cancer. For more information about fundraising at work email

Organise a bake sale

If your office has been inspired by the Great British Bake Off then why not organise a bake sale at work? Pick a date,ask colleagues to bring in their signature bakes, and charge per slice. It’s a great way to get to know people better and enjoy some delicious cake.

Hold a dress down day

Liven up a dress down Friday by encouraging everyone to wear something purple. Consider a mid-week date when more people are in the office and ask everyone to donate £2. To raise extra funds you can always hold a bake sale too.

Play guess who?

Test how well you know your colleagues by getting each of them to supplya baby picture or unusual fact about themselves. Pin them up by the kettle and charge everyone who wants to take part £2 to enter with a small prize for the winner.

If your organisation has a charity partner then please consider nominating us

At school

Fundraising at school is great fun and guaranteed to raise smiles as well as pounds to help fund vital research to stop bowel cancer. Here are our favourite ideas. For more information about fundraising at school email

Hold a non-uniform day

This is an easy way to fundraise at your school no matter what your age., Make it more interesting by asking everyone to wear something purple or green or dress up as something beginning with B and donate £2.

Teachers vs students

Organise a "Teachers vs Students" sports match or music quiz and charge each team member to take part.

Organise a fruity bake sale

Whether you're a fan of strawberry tarts, blueberry muffins or a good old fashioned apple pie, get the children involved in a bake sale with a twist and encourage them to experiment with fruity cakes and pastries. Contact a local organisation to source prizes for the tastiest or most original cake.

Fundraise in your community

There are lots of ways to fundraise in your local area. Whether it’s a big bash or a small gathering every event will help us to stop bowel cancer.

Hold a street party

Street parties are surprisingly easy to organise and a great way to bring your local community together. Get have permission from your local council then start planning the  food, drinks, decorations and games. Perhaps a few friends could help you out? Once you have made arrangements then get the word out locally and enjoy the party. Our fundraising team will also support you every step of the way.

Organise a collection

Holding a collection in your local town, shopping centre or supermarket is a great way to raise money and awareness of bowel cancer. You’ll need permission from the council or manger, which our team are happy to help with, and you might find our collection guidelines for more information and helpful tips.

Set up a sponsored Walk

Get out an about and enjoy the fresh air by holding a sponsored walk. Meet at a central point and follow the footpaths around your area and ask everyone to get sponsored. Consider a shorter route for children and a longer one for people who want a challenge. Perhaps encourage everyone to bring a picnic for afterwards or even a BBQ if it’s sunny? 

Fundraise in celebration

Celebrate your wedding, birthday or another special occasion with us. Asking for donations instead of receiving gifts is a great way to support us and help fund vital research to stop bowel cancer.

Rather than having presents for a wedding, anniversary or birthday, you can celebrate these milestones by asking your friends and family to make a donation.

Get in touch

We have plenty of ideas to help you celebrate your special day and can offer different materials such as balloons, stickers and collection boxes to make your event look the part.

Set up an online donation page

Your friends and family can make a donation to celebrate your special day at 

Celebrate your wedding

Make the day even more meaningful and order our Star of Hope pins to use as wedding favours or display a donation box at the reception.

For more information about fundraising in celebration email or call 020 7940 1769