Beating bowel cancer together

Our partnership with Andrex®

We've partnered with Andrex® to help people to talk about their toilet habits and reduce any embarrassment

We started working with Andrex®in June 2022 as part of our#GetOnARoll campaign, which saw information about bowel cancer symptoms placed on their loo roll packaging.   

In March 2024 we launched a deeper and expanded three-year partnership.As part of this new commitment, Britain’sleading toilet roll brandhaspledged over £2.3 million to support our work – £300,000 in donations and £2 million worth of marketing spend. This is in addition to reaching more than 10 million households in the UK through our continued presence on their packaging.  


An image of an Andrex puppy with it's front paw on an Andrex loo roll against a teal background. Below is the Andrex and text reading

Our mission 

Our joint mission is to get every person in the UK to have a healthier relationship with going to the toilet and poo. We want to start a conversation about bowel health, so everyone knows what’s normal for them, and everyone has the confidence to go and see their GP if something isn’t right. That way more people can be diagnosed earlier, when bowel cancer is easier to treat. 

Andrex®’s ‘Get Comfortable’ campaign 

We’re proud to be part of Andrex®’s new #GetComfortable campaign, which aims to shape a national conversation about the public’s toilet habits and ease embarrassment around seeking help from health professionals if people are worried about their bowel health. 

The launch 

To launch the #GetComfortable campaign and our partnership, we joined forces with legendary reality TV show, ITV’s Celebrity Big Brother. Our co-branded TV and video-on-demand adverts featuredSharon Osbourne, and other familiar faces, sitting on a chair made of Andrex® toilet paper in the show’s iconic Diary Room talking about toilet habits. 

Read more about our partnership launch moment on 2024’s Celebrity Big Brother. 


A chair made of Andrex® toilet paper against a plain black background with three neon tube lights which from left to right are blue, pink and red. Photo credit: Brendan Foster Photography.

Pictured above: The chair made of Andrex® toilet paper which featured in the launch. Photo credit: Brendan Foster Photography.

On screens across the UK 

We’re featured on Andrex®’s new #GetComfortable video adverts, which are being shown across the UK including at London’s world-famous Piccadilly Lights. The advert shows a young girl proudly showing off her poo to her loving grandad with the tag line: “Born Unembarrassed. Stay Unembarrassed.” These powerful videos aim to ease people’s embarrassment about our poo and get people talking. 

A group from Bowel Cancer UK in front of the Andrex and Bowel Cancer UK 'Born Unembarrassed. Stay Unembarrassed' billboard at Piccadilly Lights

How you can help

If your company is interested in working with us, our team would love to hear from you on

Find out about the symptoms of bowel cancer

An image of Matt with a block of text describing his story reading “Since my bowel cancer diagnosis, I want people to know that you shouldn’t ignore the signs of the disease. We need to get comfortable with knowing what is and isn’t normal for our bodies - you really should pay attention to any changes in your body or habits, and speak out and contact your GP if you’re experiencing any symptoms.” Matt, diagnosed with stage 2 bowel cancer in May 2020

Matt has shared why he thinks this message is so important

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