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Current research projects

We partner with leading clinicians, institutions and academics across the UK. You can find out more about current research projects below.

a headshot of Dr Alex Greenhough against a brick wall

Dr Alex Greenhough

University of the West of England

Dr Greenhough and his collaborators are investigating ways to improve how well chemoradiotherapy treatment works for patients with rectal cancer.

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A headshot of Dr Annie Baker against a plain grey background

Dr Annie Baker

Institute of Cancer Research, London

Dr Baker is looking to predict which patient with inflammatory bowel disease can safely only have part of their bowel removed when precancerous changes are seen.

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Professor Andrew Beggs 

University of Birmingham

Professor Andrew Beggs at the University of Birmingham is testing a new way to diagnose inherited syndromes which increase bowel cancer risk, which could be faster and cheaper than the current testing. 

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Dr Anna Maria Ochocka-Fox

University of Edinburgh

Dr Anna Maria Ochocka-Fox at the University of Edinburgh is using tissue from people with familial adenomatous polyposis, an inherited condition that gives very high risk of bowel cancer, to develop a new resource to support research into better treatments for these patients. 

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An image of Dr Christina Dobson smiling into camera against a plain light green background

Dr Christina Dobson

Newcastle University

Dr Dobson is looking at which people who visit their GP with possible bowel cancer symptoms are less likely to return a Faecal Immunochemical Test, and why.

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a headshot of Professor David Jayne against a plain wall

Professor David Jayne

University of Leeds

Professor Jayne is the first surgical research Chair to be appointed as part of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS Eng) Surgical Trials Initiative. His work will drive forward surgical clinical trial research for bowel cancer.

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a split image featuring Drs Theodoratou (right) and Rufini (left). Dr Rufini is against a plain background. Dr Theodoratou is standing against a railing in front of a cityscape

Dr Evropi Theodoratou and Dr Alessandro Rufini

Universities of Edinburgh and Leicester

Drs Theodoratou and Rufini are investigating whether it’s possible to find DNA from cancer cells in poo samples. If successful, this technique could potentially be used to improve bowel cancer screening and diagnosis.

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Professor Farhat Din 

University of Edinburgh

Professor Farhat Din has been appointed as Scotland’s first Colorectal Cancer Surgical Research Chair. Her work will help to deliver better patient care for people with bowel cancer through research.

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a photo of Professor Joanne Edwards and some of her group in a lab

Professor Joanne Edwards

University of Glasgow

Professor Edwards and her team are looking at the changes cancers go through when they spread to other organs.

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Professor Katie Robb 

University of Glasgow 

Professor Katie Robb at the University of Glasgow is investigating attitudes towards future colonoscopies as a surveillance technique for people who have already had polyps removed in a screening colonoscopy. 

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a headshot of Professor Lesley Smith against a purple and pink background

Professor Lesley Smith 

University of Hull

The number of people from the South Asian community that take part in bowel cancer screening in the UK is low, at around 30%. Professor Smith, along with colleagues at Oxford Brookes University and Liverpool John Moores, will investigate reasons why uptake is low and begin to develop a new project that encourages more people to take part in screening.

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Professor Mark Lawler and Dr Ethna McFerran 

Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Mark Lawler and Dr Ethna McFerran at Queen’s University Belfast is trialling adding a deadline to the bowel screening invitation letter, to see if this increases how many people complete their screening test. 

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a headshot of Professor Mohammad Ilyas against a background of blinds

Professor Mohammad Ilyas

University of Nottingham

Professor Ilyas, in collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of Leeds, Birmingham and Edinburgh, will compare bowel cancer samples from younger people with samples from people aged over 50. They want to see if there are differences that might affect how quickly a tumour grows.

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Dr Nagore De Leon 

University of Oxford 

Dr Nagore De Leon at the University of Oxford is searching for new drugs that can stop precancerous polyps from progressing into bowel cancer, particularly in inherited conditions that cause the growth of many bowel polyps. 

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A headshot of Professor Nathalie Juge against a plain background

Professor Nathalie Juge

Quadram Institute Bioscience, Norwich

Professor Juge is investigating if a new blood test could be used, alongside the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), to detect bowel cancer more accurately.

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Mr Robert Jones 

Aintree University Hospital and University of Liverpool 

Mr Jones is the UK's first Surgical Specialty Lead in Advanced Colorectal Cancer, encouraging more surgical research and new surgical clinical trials.

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Your support helps save lives. Donate now and help us ensure a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer.
Your support helps save lives. Donate now and help us ensure a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer.

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