Beating bowel cancer together

Celebration fundraising

Your celebration can help us to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer.

Are you turning 21 again or getting married? Make your celebration extra special by asking your friends and family to make a donation to our work, instead of giving you a present. Every donation you collect will help save lives.

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Setting up an online fundraiser is a quick, easy and secure way for your friends and family to make a donation for your special occasion.

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Our top tips

  • Set a fundraising target. This motivates people to help you reach your goal.
  • Tell your story. Sharing why you're asking for donations will inspire people to give.
  • Share your page. You're doing an amazing thing by donating your celebration to help stop people dying of bowel cancer, so make sure you let people know what you're doing and share your fundraiser.

Other ways to celebrate

We'd love to hear about what you've got planned, get in touch with us at or call 020 7940 1769.

Be inspired by...


Katie celebrated her 18th birthday with Bowel Cancer UK by setting up a Facebook fundraiser and raised over £650 in memory of her Grandad.

"I chose to fundraise for Bowel Cancer UK because my Grandad was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer on 9 September 2018, two weeks before my birthday. Just under two months later he passed away on 1 December. I knew I wanted to do something in his memory for my 18th birthday the following year, but being away from home left me with very little time to plan, so I began a Facebook fundraiser! I was blown away by all the donations – I had an 18th birthday in true memory of him. It was so easy and completely safe to do. It was incredibly warming and lovely to see the donations go to a charity close to my heart and to help others with this horrific disease. It's been the beginning of my fundraising bug and I hope to begin a bigger mission to raise even more money soon!"

Sarah and Matt

The Eamer family weren't able to celebrate Matt's 40th birthday as they'd hoped, so they took to Facebook and raised over £2,000.

"If theres anything I can do to help..." We heard this a lot from friends, family and neighbours after my husband Matt was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer aged 39. It's a difficult comment to respond to because the only thing we need is for this nasty disease to go away.

Matt turned 40 in April and I wasn't able to plan the birthday surprise I had in mind because he was in hospital following a liver resection. Due to coronavirus, we weren't allowed to visit which I found really difficult. I turned to Facebook and created a birthday fundraiser hoping I could raise £150. I reached out to all our amazing friends who had offered support and asked them to donate the money they'd have usually spent on buying him a drink on his birthday. I'm proud to say we raised over £2,000 for Bowel Cancer UK and didn't even have to nurse a hangover!"

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