Help us to stop bowel cancer

Questions to ask at your hospital appointment

You might like to take a list of questions to your hospital appointment, to help you understand your diagnosis. We have suggested some possible questions here:

  • What happens next? Who do I need to see and when?
  • Should I be referred for genetic testing?
  • Will my treatment cause early menopause or affect my fertility?
  • Can you refer me to a fertility clinic?
  • What emotional support is available?
  • Can you put me in touch with other people my age who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer?
  • What support or information is there for my family or children?
  • Who can I speak to about getting help with childcare during my treatment and recovery?
  • Where can I get information and advice about work and money?


To download a PDF document to help you prepare for your hospital appointment, click here


Updated March 2016. Due for review March 2019