Beating bowel cancer together

Questions to ask at your hospital appointment

You might like to take a list of questions to your hospital appointment, to help you understand your diagnosis. It may be useful to take a notepad and pen with you to the appointment, so you can write down the answers:

We have suggested some possible questions here:

  • Where is my bowel cancer?
  • How advanced is my bowel cancer?
  • What happens next? Who do I need to see and when?
  • What are my treatment choices?
  • Will I need a stoma?
  • Are there any other treatments available at another hospital?
  • Are there any clinical trials suitable for me?
  • Will my treatment cause early menopause or affect my fertility?
  • Will I need extra help at home after treatment?
  • Should I be referred for genetic testing?
  • Can you refer me to a fertility clinic?
  • What support or information is there for my family or children?
  • Who can I speak to about getting help with childcare during my treatment and recovery?
  • Where can I get information and advice about work and money?
  • What emotional support is available?

Download our list of questions to take to your hospital appointment here

After your appointment, your consultant will send a letter to your GP. You will also be given a phone number of your colorectal nurse specialist who you can call if you have any more questions.

Some people find it useful to take someone with them to their medical appointments to help them take notes and remind them what was discussed.

It might help to get in contact with other people who also have bowel cancer. Click here to visit our online community.

Updated May 2019

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