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We have recently launched a new brand following the merger of Bowel Cancer UK and Beating Bowel Cancer, therefore some publications remain in our previous branding whilst we use up existing stock.

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Living well

Information and advice for patients on life after bowel cancer treatment, including feelings after treatment, having a healthy diet and keeping active, possible worries around follow up appointments, dealing with side effects and going back to work.


Your operation

Information on the different types of surgery that may be performed on bowel cancer patients and an introduction to stomas. There are also useful tips on preparing for a hospital stay and recovering at home.


Regaining bowel control

Regaining bowel control can be one of the biggest challenges that you face after surgery for bowel cancer. In this booklet we explain approaches you can take and the support available to you.


Simple steps for good bowel health

A popular A5 booklet to help you understand the steps you can take for good bowel health and to reduce your risk of bowel cancer.


Younger people with bowel cancer

This booklet provides an introduction to how a diagnosis of bowel cancer at a younger age can affect the body, emotions, relationships and everyday life. 


Symptoms diary

The symptoms diary, pioneered by Beth Purvis, supported by Coloplast and formally endorsed by the Royal College of GPs, aims to help keep track of a person’s symptoms before they visit their GP. This will give a good indication to their doctor whether they need further tests. Patients may not remember all their symptoms during the short appointment so having something written down can be useful.


What is bowel cancer?

A simple A5 sized leaflet outlining what bowel cancer is, who's at risk and what symptoms to look out for. 


Eating well

This booklet provides information about your diet during and after bowel cancer treatment. We explain how different foods can help you manage the symptoms of bowel cancer and provide tips for eating with a stoma, boosting your appetite and eating healthily. 


Your pathway

An in-depth booklet for bowel cancer patients starting treatment, including cancer staging, treatment flow charts for colon and rectal cancer, information on surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs, as well as plenty of patient stories.


Treating Metastases

A detailed guide for bowel cancer patients who have secondary cancer in the liver, lungs or peritoneum. It covers the tests you may undergo, traditional and novel treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, and clinical trials.

Please note this publication is currently under review.


About colonic stenting

A concise factsheet providing information about having a colonic stent fitted, the benefits and possible risks, and how to manage any changes in your bowel habit.


Bowel cancer screening in Scotland

A guide to the Scottish Bowel Cancer Screening Programme


Bowel cancer screening in Wales

A guide to bowel screening in Wales

Leaflet  Poster

Sgrinio am ganser y coluddyn

A Welsh language guide to bowel screening in Wales

Leaflet  Poster

Knowing the symptoms

An A4 poster which highlights the five possible symptoms of bowel cancer. 


The facts about bowel cancer

This credit card sized leaflet summarises the facts about bowel cancer, what to look out for and how to reduce your risk. The discrete credit card size is ideal for awareness-raising events and reception areas. They are available for each nation within the UK

England  Scotland  Wales

Wales (Welsh)  Northern Ireland

How we can help you (poster and flyer)

An A4 poster and A5 flyer highlighting the different support services available from Bowel Cancer UK.

Download poster  Download flyer

Bowel health and screening: carers guide (Scotland)

A guide for carers on bowel health and the bowel test kit in Scotland


Bowel health and screening pack (Scotland)

An easy read booklet on bowel health and the bowel test kit in Scotland


Checking your bowel is healthy (England)

An easy read guide to bowel scope screening in England


Spotlight - Summer 2019

The latest issue of our magazine.


You can order printed copies of our publications here.

Your support helps save lives. Donate now and help us ensure a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer.
Your support helps save lives. Donate now and help us ensure a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer.

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