Help us to stop bowel cancer


The health professionals looking after you meet regularly as a team, called a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). They will look at your test results and your general health and talk about which treatments may be suitable for you.

You will have an appointment with a member of the team to talk about your test results and the benefits and risks of the treatment options. 

You may be offered more than one of these treatments. You may have chemotherapy and radiotherapy together (chemoradiation) if there is a high risk of the cancer coming back.

There are also treatments for bowel cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.

Making a decision about which treatment to have can be difficult. Your healthcare team will support you and answer your questions. We have suggested some questions you might like to take with you to your appointments.

Family and friends can be a great support during and after treatment. If you’d like to chat to others in your situation, you could join an online forum. Macmillan Cancer Support’s forum covers a large range of topics and Beating Bowel Cancer’s forum includes a board for younger people.

Updated March 2016. Due for review March 2018