Beating bowel cancer together


We're grateful to the following MPs for supporting the APPG on Bowel Cancer.

Chair: Ben Lake

Ben Lake Chair of the APPG on bowel cancer

Ben Lake has represented Plaid Cymru in the Ceredigion constituency since 2017. He operates as the party's Westminster shadow spokesperson for several policy areas including health and social care, economics, and Welsh Affairs. Motivated by the experience of a close family member who recovered from the disease, Ben's one of our key bowel cancer champions. He's translated this into campaigning for the bowel cancer screening age to be lowered from 60 to 50 and advocating for improved services in Wales and in his constituency.



Vice-chair: Gerald Jones

Gerald Jones Vice Chair of the APPG on bowel cancer

Gerald Jones is the Labour MP for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney and has held the seat since 2015. He's currently Shadow Minister for Wales. Gerald's a prominent campaigner on bowel cancer in parliament and this has involved supporting efforts to lower the screening age and encouraging constituents to check for the signs and symptoms of the disease.



Vice-chair: Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey Vice Chair of the APPG on bowel cancer

Rebecca Long-Bailey has served as the Labour MP for Salford and Eccles since 2015. She frequently campaigns on the issues affecting bowel cancer patients in her local area and took up the cause of a constituent to ensure they could benefit from lifesaving treatment for the disease. This involved campaigning to change the policy around treatment breaks which can prevent patients from accessing certain medications.


Secretary: Sharon Hodgson

Sharon Hodgson Secretary of the APPG on bowel cancer

Sharon Hodgson has been an MP for Washington and Sunderland West since 2005. She's a prominent voice in parliament on the issue of bowel cancer diagnosis, focusing on both the signs and symptoms of the disease as well as the staff shortages that are preventing patients from being diagnosed at the earliest stage.



Officer: Steve Brine

Steve Brine Officer of the APPG on bowel cancer Steve Brine has represented the Conservative Party in Winchester and Chandler since 2010. He served as a minister in the Department of Health and Social Care between 2017-2019 where he oversaw the roll-out of FIT testing as part of the bowel cancer screening programme. Since then, Steve has continued to support bowel cancer patients in parliament with a focus on improving early diagnosis and access to treatment and was recently appointed chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee.


Contact information

Please direct any enquiries to the APPG's secretariat:

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