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We want to hear from the Rangers family – whether you're a fan, player, staff or a member of the community, we want to bring the varied people affected by bowel cancer together, to shine a light on your stories and experiences.

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In your own words, share your experience about what being a Rangers fan mean to you since you or your loved ones have been affected by bowel cancer. You can view stories from other fans on our wall below.

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Not a Rangers fan or want to read more about people's experiences of bowel cancer? Visit our Real Life Stories of people who have been or are currently affected by the disease.

Our wall dedicated to Rangers fans affected by bowel cancer

David GrahamPerth

Been a lifelong Gers fan and had a season ticket for many years but recently had to give it up and don’t get to Ibrox as often as I would like, watching on TV is just not the same.
I got my diagnosis back in 2010 and had large colon removed followed by course of chemo.
Going back to pre-diagnosis I ignored the symptoms for far too long and was extremely lucky that the tumour had not spread (during investigations they thought my liver had been affected but biopsy showed it was ok).
My further advice is Please do not ignore any symptoms, like me, you might not be so lucky:
• Bleeding from bottom – I just thought it was piles!
• Blood in your poo – I first noticed it when on holiday in Cyprus, put it down to holiday food and then it didn’t happen again for a few months so thought it was ok.
• A change in how often you poo, or regularly having diarrhoea or constipation – I found I was going to the loo more often than normal but put it down to change in work as I had just started working from home.
• Losing weight – I was going to the gym regularly and thought my fitness regime was working
• Feeling very tired – just thought it was normal due to working long hours
• A pain in tummy – got a shooting pain in lower tummy and put it down to needing the loo.
One of the other reasons that I ignored the above symptoms was that I had just had my first bowel screening from the NHS and it had come back clear. It is very important to understand that the bowel screening will only show concerns if the tumour is actually leaking/seeping/bleeding at the time of the sample. Therefore, even if your bowel screening comes back ok and you still have the above symptoms please chase up your GP for further checks.
Even if you only have one of the above symptoms – GET IT CHECKED.

Kirsty RenfrewshireRenfrewshire

After a few weeks of experiencing all the common bowel cancer symptoms (blood in stool, passing mucus, going to the loo up to 10 times a day, stomach cramps) I took myself to the GP who did the qFIT (stool) test which then highlighted concern, so I was referred for a colonoscopy where they found a tumour. I was diagnosed with locally advanced bowel cancer in March 2021. It was a stage 4 tumour that had spread to lymph nodes in the pelvis and also most likely to my lung. I'm really pleased to say treatment (25 sessions of radiotherapy with chemo tablets and 6 cycles of chemo) was very effective for me. It reduced my stage 4 inoperable rectal tumour to stage 3 making it operable and destroyed the cancerous pelvic lymph nodes. The pesky lung nodule, which they weren't sure was definitely cancerous, shrunk with treatment but has since grown so I am getting a wedge resection next week to remove it.

Whilst the last 18 months have been a tough emotional rollercoaster of a journey, I'm filled with hope for the future and really feel like I can beat this awful disease. I really do believe a positive mindset can help mentally and physically on your journey. Saying that, at times there is no avoiding the anxiety, especially before scans/results, but the majority of time I'm positive and will continue to carry on life to the full and not see myself as a cancer victim. I'm really lucky that I have never looked that unwell as I didn't lose my hair so I haven't changed to anyone and people didn't know I was ill.

I was brought up in a house full of passionate Rangers fans and I'm really delighted the Rangers Charity Foundation are supporting such a worthy cause and helping to encourage a wider audience to be aware of signs and symptoms.

Together we will beat this!!

Campbell ForsythCambuslang

in 2006, my dad Douglas Forsyth was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. this was happening during my final uni exams.
I'm forever thankful to the surgeon at Stirling Royal Infirmary, and on his retirement we organised a fund raiser called 'Bowl over Bowel Disease' that helped to raise more than £4,000 for a scanner at the new Forth Valley Hospital to try and diagnose quicker.
My Dad, like his family before him are Rangers diehards and every milestone the club hits, I'm always mindful that had it not been for the surgeon, my dad would not have seen 52, 53, 54 & 55 nor the trips to Manchester or Seville.

The late William PeuthererEdinburgh

On the 25th of September 2022, the man who meant so much to us all, our beloved Dad- Bill Peutherer, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family.

For three years he battled stage 4 bowel cancer like you would not believe. From going to London to have pioneering 17 hour surgery which we hoped would save him, to not being able to eat for the last year and having to be fed artificially with TPN, battling sepsis 4 times and all the other obstacles in the way, he never gave in, right up until his last breath.

Our Dad followed the great Glasgow Rangers from the moment he was born.
His Illness did not stop him from following the Gers- at the beginning of his diagnosis, he managed to attend a Rangers Hospitality day, organised by the amazing ‘Rangers Charity Foundation’. Towards the latter stages, he followed from afar on the sofa at home- never missing a game despite how unwell he felt. He desperately wanted to go to Seville but sadly his illness progressed. However, we still wanted to ensure he had a memorable experience. We decorated the living room with beach balls, Rangers colours, balloons etc… it wasn’t quite Spain but he certainly appreciated the effort, and it is a moment we will always cherish!

Our Dad had a season ticket in the Broomloan Rear. He acquired two debentures back in 2000 in the Club Deck, and attended all matches at home, and many also away, taking my elder brother with him. It brings us great pride as a family that we have two seats with our family name engraved, which shall be there forever more.

He was a man amongst men. He was Bill Peutherer. He was and always will be, simply the best.


Jean QuinnGlasgow

I’m a lifelong fan and am currently part of a research team looking into ways of improving treatment options. So although I have no personal experience of bowel cancer I feel that I am still involved

Stephen ForrestEast Kilbride

I've been a Rangers fan for over 60 years now but as I've got older haven't attended a match since the Europa Cup Final in 2008 and a Forces Charity Night at Ibrox in 2019. My love of Rangers has never wavered through all these years and this year three events have taken place which have cheered me up immensely as I recover from bowel cancer.

Let me go back to 2009 for after a routine test I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but after radiotherapy treatment I had been cancer free until October 2021 another routine test showed I had a cancerous tumour in my bowel. Various tests/scans followed and just before Xmas last year I had a section of my bowel removed.

Luckily it appears the cancer was caught early and had not spread out of the bowel and it would appear I am once more cancer free and back to almost full health.

I had earlier mentioned three things had happened whilst I was convalescing firstly Rangers went on another incredible, amazing run of victories to the Europa Cup Final in Seville and although they were oh so very close to winning, the pleasure I got from their run far outweighed the disappointment of losing.

The second event was through my local Golf Club. I got involved with Rangers Founderstrail regarding a founding father of our Golf Club one David Hill who was also involved with Rangers at the earliest days of their formation.

My involvement has resulted in a visit to David Hill's restored grave site in East Kilbride, me writing an article about David Hill's connection for my golf club's Facebook page and in November I shall be taking the Founderstrail Tour ending with a visit to Ibrox.

Finally the involvement of Rangers Charity Foundation in nominating Bowel Cancer UK for the year 2022 has almost been too much of a coincidence but I'm so proud of them for doing it.

Actually turning out to be a very memorable year in a good way as the cancer being discovered so early and successful treatment being performed means I can look forward to many more years of full health to enjoy family, football, golf - LIFE.

Iain KerrHelensburgh

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 after completing a bowel cancer screening test. I had surgery to remove the tumour and a colostomy, and I've been cancer free since then.

Rangers have been an important part of my life since my first game at Ibrox in 1959. While I was undergoing treatment, being a fan was vital. As I tackled major challenges, it seemed my football club did too. There is no doubt the battles to return to the premier league and to achieve success in Europe all played a part in helping me. Yes there were tough times during cancer treatment, but as Rangers progressed as a football club my spirits were lifted.

I often sit after games and reflect on the past. I feel fortunate to have had outstanding health professionals, my family and friends, as well as my football club to be there for me. There are players and fans who have lifted me for over 60 years. More recently to see Rangers lift the league title, win the Scottish Cup and to challenge some of the best in Europe, once again, to reach a major final has been a privilege and a joy.

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