Beating bowel cancer together

Denise Binding joined us for Walk Together to celebrate her ‘all clear’ from the disease

Denise Binding was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2016 at 46 years old. She joined our Walk Together last year with her two sons to celebrate the all clear - a huge milestone in her treatment! 

I decided to take part in the London Walk Together last year for Bowel Cancer UK with my sons Jack and Sam as a positive milestone after receiving the all clear.

It was a beautiful day and we followed a great route along the Thames.

We managed to raise over £700.

I am a single parent and the boys were aged just 9 and 12 when I was diagnosed in October 2016. I had been experiencing some blood in my poo for a few months and a subtle change in my bowel habits.  I was also experiencing fatigue but working full time and looking after the boys that was par for the course. 

I was young (ish), fit and healthy and went to the gym 4 times per week.

I had already decided via Dr Google that it was ulcerative colitis and was completely unprepared for the words “you have cancer”, never mind the news that I would need to have a stoma and an ileostomy bag.

I suffered some complications after surgery but I was incredibly lucky that the tumour was caught at an early stage, something which I now know is rare with bowel cancer.

The trauma of the operations and the cancer triggered an autoimmune disease called Lupus which I now live with.  It has no cure and so life is very different, however I am now clear of bowel cancer.

Fear and anxiety about a reoccurrence is very real and never far away but I try not to dwell on that.  I never forget that many others are dealing with more advanced cancer and consider myself incredibly lucky.

Sign up to Walk Together this September.

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