Beating bowel cancer together

What’s your Everest?

We are very fortunate to have so many supporters taking on challenges for us, no matter what that is, each and every one of them has their own personal Everest to climb, whether that is running 5k for the first time, taking on the London marathon, skydiving or touching the summit of ‘that’ mountain. For Helen Matthews she did just that and took on her own personal challenge of Everest Base Camp trek in February.

This is Helen’s story

Sadly, like far too many people today, my family and I have been deeply affected by cancer. We tragically lost my older cousin Tim, 29 at the time, almost 5 years ago to colorectal cancer and just 2 years later my cousin Ali, 6 months my junior, to a rare form of soft tissue cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Having always been so close to both of them, spending countless summer holidays, birthdays, family gatherings and cousin catch ups together, nothing can prepare you for life without them. Both were very keen travellers and sportsmen, never shying away from a challenge and always planning the next adventure; something that I always deeply admired and still aspire to be like myself. Tim and Ali touched so many people’s lives, making them all the better for having known them.

So…what better way to remember my two wonderful cousins: celebrate their strength, courage and inspiring sense of adventure, than to attempt to reach the base camp of the highest mountain in the world! I hope to do both them and myself proud, while at the same time raising money for two cancer charities that work tirelessly to fund lifesaving research, provide invaluable support and raise awareness.

She managed to raise an incredible £2,425 between us and Sarcoma UK. Thanks Helen.

If you would like to take on a trek or challenge then take a look at our Fundraise for us pages or have a chat with our events team to discuss your ideas 

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