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Wednesday 22 September 2021

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During the pandemic it’s often felt like we’re wading through bad news, and those of us affected by bowel cancer have again and again faced extra challenges. Our charity has had numerous obstacles too, including a fall in our income. However, we’ve been encouraged by the number of people who have continued donating on a monthly basis throughout.

So we want to particularly thank all of you who support in this way, your donations are the foundation of all we do. They helped make sure that we were able to continue funding all our research projects last year, and are helping keep our vital support available on a daily basis. In fact so far this year our monthly donors have together donated more than £100k. We hope you’re all really proud of the real difference we are making together.

We recently asked a couple of our supporters about what inspires them to donate to the charity.

Michele, who lives in County Durham said: “I have stage 4 bowel cancer so decided to donate monthly to Bowel Cancer UK for my wonderful grandchildren, Connor and Amber. I may not get the results I need, but my donations could help future generations get treatments, and maybe even cures. If any amount I give could help then that’s what I want to do. I just love Bowel Cancer UK’s website and find it so informative and positive. They have certainly made a great difference to my life.”

Keren, who lives in London said: “I started giving to Bowel Cancer UK a few months after my dad, Mark, passed away from bowel cancer in 2014. I felt helpless watching the cancer take over his body and causing such suffering and heartbreak in my family; knowing there was nothing we could do. Taking action in small ways helped me to feel more in control.

“Sadly bowel cancer continues to impact the lives of those around me, and several family members and friends have had diagnoses and treatment in recent years, or are currently undergoing testing.  And hearing about the impact of the pandemic on access to cancer treatment, and the backlogs caused, can feel overwhelming. But with my monthly donation I know I'm doing my bit.

By giving I support work to diagnose bowel cancer early by raising awareness of the symptoms. It enables patients to access more effective treatment due to crucial research and campaigning. And most importantly, my donations could be keeping someone else's dad alive.”

We’re always looking for more supporters to join this amazing group of people and help save more lives. So if you could spare just £3 per month (or whatever you can afford) then please do sign up.

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Your donations would help save more lives and we’ll also offer you a free pin badge as a thank you, and as a reminder of the difference you’ll be making each month.

Michele from County Durham, who has stage 4 bowel cancer and donates monthly to Bowel Cancer UK for her grandchildren.

Keren from London, who started giving to Bowel Cancer UK following the passing of her dad in 2014.

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