Beating bowel cancer together

The Big Jump for Bowel Cancer in memory of my mum

Written by Tim Darvell

On Saturday 14 July I will be taking part in The Big Jump for Bowel Cancer. I am doing it in memory of my mum who passed away from bowel cancer in 2016. She was diagnosed stage 3 in 2012, but this soon became stage 4 when the cancer was also detected in her left lung.

The operation to remove the tumour from her bowel was successful, but the cancer kept returning to the lung in spite of her going through 4 operations. She bounced back each time with great determination and positivity, especially for someone in her late 70s. All she wanted to know was when could she drive again, and most importantly when could she ride her horse again. When the cancer also spread to her brain her health began to deteriorate, and she sadly passed away on 29 August 2016 just one week after her 80th birthday.

I have been fundraising for Beating Bowel Cancer since 2012, and I am delighted to be supporting Bowel Cancer UK now that the two charities have recently merged. The reason why I have decided to do the tandem skydive is on the back of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. I have seen so many inspiring people doing so much, and also with 41,000 people diagnosed each year I felt that a few minutes of terror for me is nothing compared to what bowel cancer patients have to go through.

This is a massive challenge for me, as I have a huge fear of heights. I am terrified of falling, and even leaning out of an upstairs window to clean the windows is something that scares me. I have no idea how they will actually get me out of the plane! I am much happier with both my feet on the ground, and this challenge is the last thing I want to do, but it is a great way of raising funds, and also awareness about bowel cancer.

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