Beating bowel cancer together

How do you look after your mental health?

Sunday 10 October 2021

Today (Sunday 10 October 2021) is World Mental Health Day and to mark the day we asked you to share tips and advice about how you look after your mental health. We hope these words of advice from our community will help anyone else looking for helpful ways to cope with your own bowel cancer journey or general wellbeing.

Here's what you told us:

  • Walk with my favourite music in my ears
  • Involve myself with other cancer patients (as it's only really them that understand how you really feel)
  • Keeping busy and have your support network around you – opening up can be really important but even if talking doesn't take away the inner jitters, then those closest should know of activities that can help keep you busy and uplifted
  • Plan trips out and days out
  • Hanging out with your best friend, pjs, tea, snacks, and a funny film
  • It's helpful to follow fellow bowelies, but it's also ok to mute them when needed too
  • Don't Google
  • I started seeing a life coach after treatment ended. Helped me get through a tough time
  • I live alone, but one thing that provides no holds barred unconditional love is my puppy, so if you have a pet, spoil them – whether it's a walk or making them a special treat, spending time with my fluffster helps take my mind off the bad times ahead
  • Fresh air, enjoying your local area if you can – there are so many little bolt holes in your local area that you may not know exist
  • On the very dark days I allow myself to say it's okay you're allowed to feel crap today, as tomorrow is a brand new day
  • Maintaining a daily routine or re-establishing your daily routine as soon as possible
  • Regular exercise or join a gym class, exercise is great for mental well-being and if done as part of a group class it allows interaction with others
  • Focus on one issue at a time
  • Talk to the wildlife. It works wonders for your mental wellbeing
  • Don't suffer in silence, talk about things, we have all been there and it's ok not to be ok

You might also like to:

  • Visit the emotional wellbeing section of our website
  • Join our forum. It's a welcoming place to ask questions, read about people's experiences and support each other
  • Download our 'Living well' booklet which describes some of the feelings you might be having after you finish treatment, as well as where you and your loved ones can find support

Join our online support groups for people living with and beyond bowel cancer.

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