Beating bowel cancer together

blubolt announce rebrand honouring close ties with the charity

After losing their lead designer Amy Mattingly to bowel cancer in 2018, the Bath-based eCommerce agency, blubolt, have a strong and ongoing commitment to support Bowel Cancer UK. 

In the past, this support has taken the form of lots of enthusiastic fundraising, but more recently, their close ties to the charity have been formalised, as their new rebrand honours both Amy’s creative legacy, and the brand colours used by the charity.

Revealed to the public to coincide with the end of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, the agency spoke to us about the thinking behind the big redesign.

“We wanted to create an identity that went above and beyond: something that truly represented our approach, attitude and values. When we distilled everything that blubolt stands for and represents, we recognised four key pillars; the absolute heart of our business, that carry our successes and on which everything else rests.”

Our key strengths.
Creativity, technology, stability and service are represented by four base colours. They blend, overlap and complement each other, just like our strengths.

We help brands flourish.
Like a flower changing colour as it grows, develops and blooms, our logo’s gradient evolves.

The lasting legacy of Amy Mattingly.
Amy brought creativity and enthusiasm to our lives and the business. Our logo also honours the sense of fun and colour that she expressed through her dress sense and makeup.

Our commitment to Bowel Cancer UK.
Their brand colours of yellow and green are integrated into our own palette. This is representative of our continued support for the essential work that they continue to do.


“We’re delighted with the outcome of the rebrand, and couldn’t be more proud of the way in which it represents our close ties to Bowel Cancer UK. Last year we raised £9,000 for the charity and we hope to exceed this in 2019. We have so much respect and gratitude for what the charity have done and continue to do, and we’re very proud to be supporting them and to have made this support such an integral part of our new company identity.”

The charity will be attending blubolt’s rebrand launch party to collect a cheque from their latest fundraising endeavours and say a few words about future collaboration between the agency and charity.

 For more information about blubolt and their fundraising, click here

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