Beating bowel cancer together

We collaborate with fashion designer to launch our first Star of Hope t-shirt

We collaborated with luxury fashion designer Nigel Hall to launch a brand new t-shirt, featuring the Star of Hope – the international symbol for bowel cancer.

The t-shirt is available ahead of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Nigel was inspired to work with us after his partner died of the disease. He says: “My partner of 19 years died of bowel cancer on 7 June 2007.

“A year before he was experiencing discomfort during and after eating. His GP told him it was irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Fabio believed that, however the pain continued even though he was following the doctor’s advice to monitor his diet. Fabio was Italian and he had a very good diet. He had another two visits to the GP, but they didn’t change his diagnosis from IBS. 

“I was not convinced and booked him in to a private clinic for a second opinion. Fabio never made the appointment, he collapsed at work the same day after passing a large amount of blood. He was taken to our local hospital, they ran various tests and he was told he had bowel cancer. A month later he had surgery to remove the tumour and at a follow up with the oncologist he was told all they could offer him was palliative chemotherapy, as his illness was terminal.

“Fabio wanted to know everything about his situation, he asked the oncologist if he had children and if so, in his condition would he advise they have chemotherapy? His answer was no. Fabio had seen his own father go through chemotherapy, although a different form of cancer, and he suffered greatly and sadly passed away in June 2007.”

Speaking about the t-shirt, Nigel says: “It’s an ideal all round everyday t-shirt with all profits supporting the charity in their vital work to help everyone affected by bowel cancer.”

Luke Squires, Director of Fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK, says: “We are incredibly grateful to Nigel for his long-term support of Bowel Cancer UK. Designing this very special Star of Hope t-shirt is his most recent act of generosity for the charity with 100% of the money raised from the sales going to support our lifesaving work. The Star of Hope is a powerful symbol for everyone who has been affected by bowel cancer.”


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