Beating bowel cancer together

Our Christmas e-card competition winners

Wednesday 25 November 2020

This year we launched our first ever Christmas e-card competition, and what a success it was! We asked supporters to get creative and design a Christmas card for us to sell on our website. We had so many wonderful entries and were blown away by the talent. Thank you to each and every person that took the time to enter.

We shortlisted three designs from each age category (aged 3-9, 10-16, 17+), and we took to Facebook to open the voting to supporters.

We’re delighted to announce that the winners of our Christmas e-card competition are:

Aged 3-9: Arabella

Aged 10-16: Kiera

Aged 17+: Nicola

Their fantastic designs are available to buy now.

Meet the winners

Arabella, aged 5

Arabella's mum, Michaela says:

"I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at 32, when Arabella was a tiny baby. Upon my initial diagnosis, I didn't think I would get to see her, or my son, grow up. Yet here I am, having just received my five year all clear, living life to the full and being able to watch my children grow up.

It's been a real privilege to see my daughter win the Christmas card competition for Bowel Cancer UK, who tirelessly campaign to make bowel cancer a thing of the past, as well as spreading awareness about bowel cancer in young adults."

Kiera, aged 16

"Bowel cancer affects a lot of people. This is a cancer which has affected people in my family, and I wanted to bring more awareness and support for this brilliant charity. Because of me entering this competition, I have made more people around me more aware of bowel cancer, which is great."


"The main reason that I entered the competition and support the charity is because I lost my mum to bowel cancer in September 2019. It's really important to raise awareness, especially now."


Pictured above: Arabella, winner of the age 3-9 category, and her design.

Pictured above: Kiera, winner of the age 10-16 category, and her design.

Nicola's Christmas card design

Pictured above: Nicola's design. Nicola was our winner in the age 17+ category.


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