Beating bowel cancer together

New health app partnership launched to help people with bowel cancer

Tuesday 19 January 2021

We're thrilled to launch a new partnership with leading health app Vinehealth, to help people affected by bowel cancer track, manage and understand their cancer care.

The award-winning app is free to use, and contains a wide range of articles written by us, with access to wide range of help and support to make patients feel more in control.

With lots of key information about bowel cancer in one handy place – including signs and symptoms of the disease, side effects from treatments, and communication with carers and medical professionals – the app also has a focus on the importance of people's mental health and wellbeing.

There's lots of advice available for managing these areas of life, and the app recognises the pandemic may be creating additional challenges for people who are self-isolating, or unable to see family, friends, and other important people in their lives.

By monitoring side effects of treatment and overall wellbeing, the app allows patients to take control of their experience and to share data with their clinicians that will help them manage their treatment together. Patients also have access to short courses, breathing & relaxation techniques – to aid wellbeing and improve their experience through their treatment journey.

Rose Stone, our Head of Services, says: "We hope bowel cancer patients and their loved ones, as well as anybody worried they may have symptoms of the disease, will use the app to find useful bite-size pieces of information.

"There's a wide range of articles, including about treatments and surgery, work and finances, as well as fertility and relationships – with signposting to further help and support. We're really pleased to be working with Vinehealth on this important project, to help improve the lives and wellbeing of people affected by bowel cancer."

The Vinehealth app is available to download from the App store (Apple) and Google Play for free, click here to download. For more information, visit

Bowel Cancer UK's supportive content is now available in the vinehealth app

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