Beating bowel cancer together

Let’s Chat Together in Wales this December

Join us for Chat Together, our online meet-up for people living with and beyond bowel cancer in Wales. It’s a welcoming place to talk to others with bowel cancer and to meet new people.

Chat Together is a free, one-hour weekly call on Zoom with a small group of people who have been affected by bowel cancer and live in Wales. The eight week programme is a chance to share experiences in a friendly, supportive and warm environment.

Join us on a Zoom call from 1 – 2pm on:

  • Tuesday 1 December
  • Tuesday 8 December
  • Tuesday 15 December
  • Tuesday 5 January
  • Tuesday 12 January
  • Tuesday 19 January
  • Tuesday 26 January
  • Tuesday 2 February

Rose Stone, Head of Services at Bowel Cancer UK, says: “More than 2,300 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in Wales, making it the fourth most common cancer.  We know we can’t be close right now physically, but we can still support one another, especially during these difficult times. You may feel lonely and isolated in the current climate, so Chat Together is a chance for people living in Wales to virtually get together and support each other from the comfort of their homes. If you can, please try to commit to attending every session so you get the full benefit of the course.”

You’ll need a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection and somewhere quiet to sit. We’ll send you the instructions on how to join us for our weekly call on Zoom.

Book your place

For those who don’t live in Wales, we will be launching a similar programme for people living in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in the New Year.

If you’re not able to join us, there are other ways where you can find help and support:

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