Beating bowel cancer together

Leading cancer charities share bold message on World Cancer Day

17 of the UK’s leading cancer charities have banded together this World Cancer Day (Tuesday 4 February) and unveiled a heart-warming short film in a bid to raise awareness and to provide support to everyone affected by the disease.

The uplifting film called ‘Standing Together’ sees leaders and representative from 17 organisations from across the country reading aloud a moving poem written by the founder of Cancer Central – a digital platform offering cancer support for those affected and their loved ones.  

Cancer organisations ‘Standing Together’ include (in alphabetical order) - ABC Diagnosis, Anthony Nolan, Bowel Cancer UK, Breast Cancer Now, Cancer Care Map, Cancer Central, Cancer on Board, CancerPal, Duffus Cancer Foundation, Lymphoma Outloud, Met UP UK, Mummy’s Star, SimPal, Teenage Cancer Trust, World Child Cancer, Worldwide Cancer Research, Youth Cancer Trust.

The emotional poem was written by Avril Chester - Founder and CEO of the organisers of the event, Cancer Central. She said: “I wanted to bring cancer charities together to help make something special for everyone affected by cancer. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you often lose hope; you’re scared and can feel alone.

“But there are so many amazing organisations out there who provide incredible support and help, bringing 17 of them together to give a voice to hope - and the future - means so much to so many. ‘Standing Together’ is an important film that I hope resonates with those who watch it and offers some support to those in need of it right now.

“I’m urging people to watch and share this video on World Cancer Day to let people know they’re not alone, and that by ‘Standing Together’ we can do more to support everyone who needs it.

Leanne Thorndyke, Head of Marketing and Communications at Bowel Cancer UK said: “We were delighted to be asked to take part in this project and work with numerous other cancer charities to shine a light on World Cancer Day. One of our fabulous supporters Mo Haque represented us in the film and did a brilliant job. Seeing Avril’s poem bought to life by a whole variety of cancer patients is very moving and fitting for the day.”

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