Beating bowel cancer together

Messages for Dame Deborah James

Bowel cancer patient, advocate and our patron, Dame Deborah James, sadly died of bowel cancer on Tuesday 28 June 2022.

The news affected so many of our community, so we invited people to share a message, memory or a little bit about how Deborah's story has had an impact on them, on our message board. You can read them all below.

Messages for Dame Deborah James

Janet Eagleton 

Such sad news that Dame Deborah has died, sending heartfelt condolences to her family, what an amazing lady.
Rest in perfect peace Deborah ๐Ÿ˜˜.
I'm a bowel cancer survivor, I appicate how lucky I am, I would not be here today if it was not for the bowel cancer screening test, please do it, it saved my life.๐Ÿ˜โค๏ธ

Lesley Parry 

You are a trooper and a lovely woman I have stage 4 colon cancer and going for operation to remove it after 11 months if cemo that's made me I'll to the point it affected my heart and skin it had to be stopped

PaulWhat Manning 

What an inspiration you have been to me & my partner Nicky, who has just about stopped crying.May you rest in peace ps waiting to buy the 'Rebellious Hope' tee shirt xx

Ning Yu 

Dame Deborah, the bowel babe, the dancing Queen, you will always live in our hearts โค๏ธ Your most positive spirit will always shine us through our battles against cancer. I am hoping, one day, in the near future, we can proudly tell you that cancer is NO longer deadly! ๐Ÿ’

Paul Wright 

What a kind and lovely lady you was
a inspiration to anyone who has had
or is suffering from this cruel disease
God bless to a very beautiful brave
courageous young woman,

Caroline Emeny 

Such an inspirational lady. I will wear my Rebellious Hope T-shirt with such pride in her memory. She is in heaven now with all the angels xxx

Catherine Brown 

Such beauty and kindness in one being. So much love to you and your family. We lost a true warrior!โค๏ธ

Lynn Sparks 

What a kind,lovely,funny and genuinely caring lady you were. A inspiration to anyone who has had, or who is suffering from this cruel disease.What you have done to raise awareness will save many lives. Rest in peace Deboroah. A beautiful lady inside and out.

Elena N Cristea 

RIP ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Deborah Laverack 

As a fellow bowel cancer sufferer I am inspired by the bravery and fortitude of this beautiful lady . I hope everyone will continue to support the fundraising she started

Kim Fitzgerald 

God bless to a very beautiful brave courageous young woman You were an inspiration to many people x

Angie Woolridge 

Deborah’s legacy is huge. Despite her many treatments and surgery, she single-handedly raised the awareness of Bowel Cancer to a level we could never have imagined. I will be forever grateful for the messages of support she gave my daughter diagnosed 5 years ago and who has now reached her milestone 50th! So let’s continue to talk ‘poo’ without embarrassment as Debs would want. Thank you Deborah for your pioneering determination. Love and prayers for your wonderful family

Kirsty Herrington 

Deborah was such a huge support to my mum when she was on her bowel cancer journey. Each day my mum would ask me 'what's BowelBabe up to today?'. Whenever my mum ended up in hospital with an infection, Deborah was usually going through the same, and she gave my mum inspiration to carry on. My mum passed a short time before Deborah and I hope that wherever they are now, they're enjoying a large glass of wine together. Rest in peace Deborah, and thank you for all of your help over the years xx

Louise Womack 

So sad to hear this news, I loss my dad to bowel cancer in 2020 so have been following her journey.
What a wonderful brave lady wearing my rebellious hope t-shirt today for her โค๏ธ.

Janet Tomlinson 

Following my stage 4 diagnosis in Feb 2018, I started listening to the You,Me,BigC podcast and found instant comfort from hearing Deborah talk about this wretched disease so candidly and with such humour.
She LIVED life to the max. By sharing her strength and vulnerability, she led the way to show us “bowelies” how to thrive rather than just survive. Thank you @BowelBabe for everything ๐Ÿ’› #RebelliousHope

Lesley Crosby 

Some people who make an impact on your life are people you have never met. Dame Deborah has really made a huge impact and reminded me how humble and kind people can be even when facing their own extreme adversity. We should all aspire to be like this throughout life. She gave so much to everyone and the legacy she leaves will continue giving to so many people. Her family deserve our love and respect for sharing her with us and we should pray for them as they mourn her passing. Rest now Dame Deborah safe and pain free in God's arms. You will never be forgotten.

Deborah Ward-Johnstone 

I distinctly remember our first DM's, when we discussed how important it was to be vocal about bowel cancer. Deborah's passion for raising awareness was awe inspiring. The dancing in chemo to the giant poo outfit, it started to resonate beyond our community.
For me, she was a bright light, a hero achieving so much. She was one of us, and supported others whilst travelling her own scary journey with a smile on her face. She was an example.of not only how to live, but sadly how to die.

Linda Adams 

Amazing young lady, made me
giggle at crazy antics she got up to, made me cry when I seen the wonderful people who work in the Royal Marsden and most of all my thoughts are with Deborah’s lovely family. RIP young lady, you were special โค๏ธ

Helen Handley 

Deborah James, you will be so missed. Thank you for all you did for the cancer community, inspiring us all the live the best life we could, even in the darkest of times. I write also on behalf of the advanced bowel cancer community a THANK YOU for shining a light on this disease, it’s lack of treatment options and late diagnosis. You of course made Bowel Cancer sexy! And such a beacon we are all so proud of all you represented for us. Thank you for your podcast, honesty, books and of course truly inspirational demonstration of making the most of every single day we are given. Wow to your £7million! Thank you x

Iain Macfarlane 

As someone who was diagnosed with Colon Cancer 10 years ago, had an operation followed by 6 months of chemo and injections, I am still here today apparently cancer free, I have followed Deborah's amazing campaign and saw the her story on TV last night.

As one of the lucky ones who's survived, it was so sad to learn of her passing but what a fantastic legacy she has left - recognize the symptoms and get diagnosed early. It saved my life and thanks to Deborah, it can save many more.

Margaret Chung 

Arriving at #nevertooyoung photoshoot, completely out of my comfort zone. Deborah was doing her video and my first thought was what a honest person who was open and sharing about her bowel cancer. I was floored by her interest in Annabel's late diagnosis and I think I answered as best I could from the prospective of a bereaved parent. Deborah's personality and her zest for living is imprinted in my memory forever. Touched by a very special and rare human being. I admire her honesty and openness in her podcasts even though it was emotional painful with the whats, ifs and whys of this disease.

Becky Bishop 

With Rebellious Hope, Dame Deborah put up a great fight
Always with a radiant smile, her personality shone bright

Showing dignity, determination and courage, she faced whatever came her way
Even in difficult times, she tried to find a moment of joy in each day

Raising millions for bowel cancer, a wonderful legacy she'll leave behind
A remarkable and special woman, who was truly one of a kind

A loving daughter, sister and friend, a devoted  mother and wife
Achieving so much, as she danced and sang her way through life

The red tail lights disappeared, as you took a plane up to the sky,
And now you're looking down, from a place up high

Heaven's gained an angel, as you climbed Heaven's stairs,
A place where you're free of pain and suffering, where you can live without a care

Showing everyone you should live life to the full, live a life with no regrets
An inspiration to everyone, Dame Deborah's someone we won't ever forget


Moira Mitchell 

I watched her tribute programme tonight. So sad but wonderful. What an amazing beautiful lady. Her legacy will most definitely live on. Her smile and laughter was the best even though she was going through the most horrific of times. Sending all the love possible to her family and friends xx

Zania Rowe 

Deborah you were a true inspiration for bowel cancer sufferers. Rest in paradise darling lady your legacy will live on

Paul Moore 

It's nearly ten years since my own bowel cancer diagnosis. I'm lucky. I'm still here. I've missed (avoided?) Deborah's story until tonight's programme on BBC1. Utterly inspirational. So much goodness, hope, joy and bravery. Then she said she knew her kids would be ok. I'm in complete bits. Mine still have me.

Ann Akers 

Thank you for your inspiration Deborah. Sending love to your family in this difficult time. Ann x

Karen Roberts 

I lost my Mum 4 years ago with Bowel Cancer & my husband lost his Auntie also with this horrible disease.
I have run the Race4Life 5k on many occasions, but being inspired by Deborah James this Sunday 3rd July I have trained & will be running the 10k to raise more money for research, £450 raised so far ๐Ÿ‘

Georgia Hook 

Deborah has touched my heart. She reminded me so so much of my mum who I lost at the mere age of 16 also to Bowel Cancer. What an inspiring fearless woman she was. Rest in Paradise Deborah.

Melissa Scally 

So sad for Deborah and her family at the news of her passing. What an inspirational woman, who really captured the hearts of the nation. I was captivated by her uplifting energy and fight for awareness and hope her legacy lives on in her memory. Thoughts with her family and friends at the loss of this wonderful woman from their lives.

Peter Bendikas 

What an inspiration Deborah was it just shows you Cancer has no discrimination at any age . I had a bowel retraction in March 2020 I did the test then had 2 Colonoscopy’s found to have polyps they were mostly small polyps except for 1 had a biopsy on this one found to have signs of cancer they had caught it early had the op to remove part of my bowel still have check ups all clear now .Do The Test it could save your life.

J. D. 


I was so sorry to hear about the death of Deborah James. She was a wonderful person.

Below is an extract from a poem about bereavement, entitled, "On The Death Of The Beloved," by John O'Donohue.

I hope that this poem may possibly offer some small consolation, to those people who are missing Deborah.

Kind regards



On The Death Of The Beloved

By John O'Donohue

Though we need to weep your loss,
You dwell in that safe place in our hearts,
Where no storm or night or pain can reach you.

Your love was like the dawn
Brightening over our lives
Awakening beneath the dark
A further adventure of colour.

The sound of your voice
Found for us
A new music
That brightened everything.



Emerson Yao 

Rest in Peace Deborah. We have not met, but I heard so many great things about you. I wish we have met.

Lisa E 

I just wanted to add that Deborah wasn’t just a brilliant voice of hope for those with cancer. She was also an inspiration for those of us who have other life threatening illnesses. In 2019 I was diagnosed with amyloidosis. It’s a rare illness and the life expectancy is not great. I had nowhere to turn, no support groups available and then I saw Deborah on tv. Her optimism and grab life by the balls attitude was what saved me and taught me how to live life fully one day at a time and appreciate every single moment. Thank you for everything you did beautiful, brave lady โค๏ธ

Tracy Crook-McDonough 

On a similar journey I followed Deborah from the start.
Her outlook on life-living with cancer-was so uplifting.
Her funny antics, her beautiful smile and her determination to always look her best was inspiring-always dressed impeccably with her earrings and lippy!
My heart aches for her beautiful children and family and friends but goodness me what a legacy she has left and what an example she has set!
Hopefully she was at peace at the end knowing that she had achieved so much-certainly a life well lived.
God bless you Deborah-rest peacefully x

Martin Whitlock 

An truly inspirational lady for all who have or have suffered from Cancer. You were a fantastic role model to me when I needed it most. My thoughts are with your family and friends. Rest in Peace.

Emma Barber 

When I was Diagnosed last year Deborah was the person I looked up too, and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't of got checked, I use to watch her on youtube and think what a brave women. She really was our superwoman in the Bowel cancer community. Her legacy will live on through us all, and we will all continue to raise awareness and there will only ever be one Bowel babe and that's OUR Dame Deborah James. Fly high beautiful

Love you xx

"Find a life worth enjoying; take risks; love deeply; have no regrets; and always have rebellious hope." โค

Anne Bosomworth 

I felt very sad hearing the news about Deborah. She was such a positive, enthusiastic and motivating person. I lost my husband to the same condition 3 years ago. His diagnosis was picked up too late for any effective treatment. He ignored the signs and symptons, I think embarrassed to address them with a Dr. Deborah’s campaign has made awareness of the symptons and reason for checking things out early with a GP. My deepest sympathy goes out to her family. RIP

Sandra Garcia 

I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer back in 2019, and I would just like to say thank you to Dame Deborah for writing her first book, as this taught me how to manage this journey and how to accept being in this exclusive club that no one wants to join.

Thank you Bowelbabe for everything you have done to help try and beat this disease, your legacy will help save many more lives.

My thoughts go out to your family.

Jamie Cameron 

Very saddened to learn of Deborah's death. Deborah's contribution to awareness of bowel cancer in particular, and cancer in general, has been immense. She will be greatly missed. Long may her legacy will live on.


I am deeply saddened to hear of Deborah's passing and I grieve for her family and friends. I have a 54 year old Son Stephen who for the past 2 and half years has suffered bowel cancer, then liver and pancreas and the bladder. Today we all hope he is finally signed off and is free. Bowel Cancer UK has kept this family together and hopefully we are free of this nightmare.

Jo Stacey 

Such sad news of the passing of another angel gone to soon Deborah James, it has really hit me hard , such an inspirational lady with so much drive and zest of life , to be goin through what she was and still putting every single person diagnosed with bowel cancer first to get so much awareness for all of us is truly amazing , I honestly believe my diagnosis was only treated with so quickly because of Deborah campaigning to make ppl more aware , I will continue to make ppl aware around me as Deborah did , my heart goes out to all her family and friends , now she can fly high in the sky out of pain ๐Ÿ’™

Kroe Denise Jackson 

As I have only just got involved with Dame Deborah's charity I am absolutely devasted by her passing, My heartfelt sympathy and deepest thoughts go out to her Son, Daughter, Husband and the rest of Dame Deborah's Family and Friends.

I think once you know somebody who has been touched by Cancer you hear about it all the time and when I saw this beautiful person who glowed with kindness and love for everyone she met nobody walked away from her without a smile on their face and a flutter in their hearts.

This really outstanding, beautiful, loving person who has left a hole in everyone's hear will never be forgotten neither will her family.

All my Love and Sympathy, Denise Jackson

Allan Williams 

I am 36 months on from bowel cancer diagnosis & treatment ( surgery and Xelox chemo) & am cancer free for now. Deborah was such an amazing woman with amazing communication skills . She's opened my eyes to how this cancer can even affect U30s, will do my best to carry the message to others.

Victoria Ward 

What a courageous individual, thoughts with her friends, family and loved ones at this time.

Pat Foley 

So sad to hear the news ,what a truly inspirational woman ,her positivity and smile with everything she has been through was unbelievable .40 yrs old and 2 young children is far too young .I was diagnosed in 2020 with bowel cancer and I was one of the very few lucky ones that had my operation ( thank you Mr Ferguson)j just before 2nd lockdown , I am thankful every day . RIP Deborah xxx

Jo-Anne Gravell 

You were a true inspiration, you have helped me to become mentally stronger since my diagnosis in October 2019, your smile was simply infectious and you have so raised the bar to help raise awareness for bowel cancer xx

Sue Kingman 

15 years ago i was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, I knew nothing about it, I knew no-one who had had it, there was no support with counselling and it was a very scary place for a single mother with 2 children.

Deborah you have changed that, you have demonstrated for 5 years that there is always ‘Rebellious Hope’, you shone a bright light on Bowel Cancer, you will save countless lives with your messaging, you have shown how to live and love with a Cancer diagnosis and you were so honest with your feelings.

The World has lost a very special lady..
To You Deborarah ๐Ÿท xx #bowelbabe

Richard Marchesi 

very sad news but at same time very inspiring story. RIP


You did all your best for yourself Debarah, in five years you learn so much about your diasses and learn what to do to provent other people, you did try to make them alive while you were battling your own war!!! Thank you sooooooo much, now so many people knows what to do..I am soo sorry to watching to loose you…Rest and peace my love..You will never be forgotten….

Michelle Bartraham 

So sad so young and beautiful and strong and amazing and very brave my thoughts are with all of your family at this sad time god bless you and all your family rest in peace darling โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ข

Louise Chinchen 

What an amazing mum. Your impact on the world has been amazing , if any of us could do a little bit of what you have done in your life the world would be a better place .

Cornelia Scott 

Dame Deborah will always remain an inspiration to people suffering from bowel cancer and their families. My dad died of bowel cancer 9 years ago at age 85 ( he had had a good life until his diagnosis & then endured a year of gruelling treatment). Dame Deborah did not have the luxury of a long life, which is so very sad. ๐Ÿ˜ข
My sister also had bowel cancer but was cured with surgery alone.
Thank you bowel babe for your inspirational life.

Eleanor Hurrell 

I am a fit, healthy vegetarian and thought bowel cancer couldn’t happen to me even though I started to develop symptoms. But I saw one of Deborah’s media interviews last autumn and that made me realise it could happen to anyone. I made a GP appointment and was diagnosed 6 weeks later. She stopped me ignoring the signs so I got treatment early. Thank you so much - it probably saved my life. xxx

David Lazzari 

I knew about Dame Deborah from TV news. I came in today after my Walk Together. I had done 5.5 miles and was tired. It was on TV that Deborah had died so I decided to push myself and do a bit more walking. After all Deborah pushed herself, despite being so ill, to raise so much money for research.
RIP Dame Deborah James

Christine Amyes 

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer 6 months ago. Dame Deborah’s openness and bravery made it easier for me to share my diagnosis and treatment and encourage others to get checked out. The huge extent of her impact will never be fully known. Thank you and rest in peace ๐Ÿ’”

Mary Tyrrell 

I have only recently heard of Deborah and her brave fight against Bowel Cancer. My love and thoughts are with her family + friends.๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ
I was diagnosed and treated in 2020.,
I am so lucky and so grateful..๐Ÿ˜

Shirley Williams 

R.I.P. Deborah and best wishes to your family..xxxx

Yvonne Lee 

Having lost my wonderful dad to bowel cancer, I followed Deborah’s journey closely - praying this beautiful young girl could receive a miracle. She truly was a courageous and inspirational treasure who has left so many heart broken. Sleep well Angel xxx โค๏ธ

Melissa Boon 

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 3 weeks after Dame Deborah James. We were both aged 35 and both had 2 young children. To throw yourself and your family into the limelight whilst going through what we did, was remarkable. A selfless determination to raise awareness, and shout about what life as a cancer patient was really like. Deborah has achieved more in those 5 years than most people do in a lifetime. An incredible legacy that her family can be truly proud of. Well done Deborah.. and thank you. x

Helen Marshall 

Dame Deborah James an honest and inspirational human being who had a real impact on me when I was awaiting and then recovering from bowel surgery. I remember her responding to a message I’d sent her about Wimbledon last year, encouraging me to go. I did despite not being well and had a lovely time. Going again this year and I will be raising a toast to her for such a zest for life and making the most of every opportunity. RIP Deborah and much love to all your loved ones. Thank you for living your best life โค๏ธ

Nicky Brunker 

When I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in the middle of the pandemic, a friend of mine introduced me to the You, Me and the Big C podcast. This is where I ‘met’ Deborah.

There was an instant connection. Deborah brought light and (rebellious hope) in very dark times. She made me smile and gave me the will to get on and recover.

Since then, I have followed Deborah everyday. I would look forward to her updates of her stories and progress. She never tired and gave so much.

Heaven has gained an angel. Deborah’s legacy will continue but in the meantime, I miss you. Sending love and prayers to her wonderful family and friends.

Kevin Venni 

Dame Deborah, I've been following you over the news and social media, wat an inspirational woman you are , I was deeply saddened to hear of your contagious battle came to an end R.I.P ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’œ

Amelia Reynolds 

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. I followed @bowelbabe on Instagram and Deborah made me smile and gave me the courage to keep going through treatment . Now with clear scan results she has inspired me to help spread awareness and volunteer for a local cancer charity

Joanne Gill 

My beautiful sister Claire Young was diagnosed in august 2020 after being missed diagnosed for nearly 2 years with a food intolerance. Claire lost her fight February 2021 just 2 days after her sons 1st birthday. Claire found unbelievable strength and fight from Deborahs book and blogs. She definitely got the rebellious hope in her from Deborah. We can not thank Deborah enough for giving that to my sister.
I know Claire would have been ready to meet Deborah with her gin and Claire with her Woo Woo cocktail and help welcoming her to peace.
All Claires family send their love to Deborahs family ๐Ÿ’š #nevertooyoung ๐Ÿ’š

Broderick Liam 

I am lucky enough to be a survivor (so far) of stage 4 bowel cancer. I admire everything you’ve done. You are an inspiration to many and your spirit and legacy will live on. Thank you and rest in peace.

sue bingham 

Thanks to amazing Deborah I can talk freely about poo and not be embarrassed to tell people what I went through with stage 3 bowel cancer. Am 3 years cancer-free and dancing every day just like Deborah did. She's a legend and she didn't know me but I'll miss her.

Mary Oconnor 

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer 2018 all is well at present so i followed this amazing woman on instagram amazed at her strength humour determination and also her total zest for life rip you beutiful lady heavens gane is our loss xx

Gayle Crane 

When I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in 2021 at the age of 37, Deborah James was the first person I came across on TV spreading the word about bowel cancer with the no butts campaign. I read her story on bowel cancer uk and started to follow her journey. She gave me so much hope with her courage and positivity, it helped me get through my treatment. She was an inspirational lady and has helped so many people in cancer community.

Thank-you Deborah RIP God bless you xxxxx


Roberta Taylor 

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in January whilst visiting my daughter and new granddaughter back in the UK. I decided that home was the place for me during this chapter of my life and have had amazing support from the NHS, friends and family not to mention the on line support groups and following Deborah's journey.

I am halfway through chemo and doing ok and generally feeling and staying positive though I cannot lie today was a sad day.

However....Tomorrow I will dance on!

Alison Mcinnes 

Such a brave women who will help many people to come with her amazing campaign
The world will miss her

Caroline Wheeler 

Deborah was and is an amazing young woman who dealt with her bowel cancer journey from the very beginning with so much courage and positivity, laughter, dancing and smiling right to the end. Raising so much awareness around the stigma of poo.
Deborah leaves behind a life long legacy as well as the fundraising through her relentless campaigning to fund future research.
I'm one of the fortunate ones to have survived bowel cancer. Being diagnosed in 2006 aged 50. I met many others during my journey, young and old. We named our gang the Bum Bandits (BBs). We lost many of them along the way.
Take heed of Deborah's legacy and check your poo. Pass this message on to the young ones in your families. Let's keep this going.
My heart goes out to Deborah's family and friends.
Sleep tight Deborah. Spread your wings, fly high beautiful angel. We will always remember you. Love to you all. Xx

Anna Heritage 

I am from New Zealand and was diagnosed with Stage 2 Bowel Cancer in Feb 2021 aged 32. I came across Deb's page and the unofficial 'Bowel Cancer' community not long after. Her page, posts, awareness and positivity really helped me get through those early days and to have the confidence to share my journey and raise awareness myself.

Thank you Deb and also your family for sharing her with us. Her reach was international and really has changed lives and made an impact. Praying you are comforted in this time with amazing memories and surrounded by so much love.

Clare Hudson 

What an incredible person you were Dame Deborah James! You helped me so much when I was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer in 2019 aged 37. You showed me how living with cancer doesn't need to be all doom and gloom and to see the positives in absolutely everything. If I was having a bad day I would just look to you and think, that's the way to do it! I'm now cancer free and celebrate my 40th birthday this year...I will be sure to have a drink and a little dance just for you Deborah.

Thank you for being such an incredibly inspirational and funny person. You really made my cancer journey a much easier ride. Rest in peace beautiful lady

Always have rebellious hope. Heartbroken that you are no longer with us xxx

Maggie Morris 

A truly beautiful, amazing inspirational woman who will be missed by many whose lives she touched. RIP Dame Debra x

Jay Walford 

Having lost my dad to bowel cancer in 2009, i’ve kept up to date with Deborah’s stories and social media hoping the outcome if her journey wouldn’t be the same. Because of her, so many people are thinking about the symptoms more and I have no doubt her awareness has saved lives already. Sending all my love to her family - especially her children. I can promise them with time things become easier to deal with and she’ll never be too far away. xx

Sophie Butler 

When my Mam died suddenly of Bowel Cancer during lockdown 2021 I was left stunned, like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I found Deborah’s account and began following her journey. My mam may have missed the signs and not really known about them but I was deeply touched to see someone like Deborah trying to change that. Spreading awareness so that hopefully one day less people like me lose a loved one to this awful disease. She gave me a purpose. She gave me back control. I’ve not stopped fundraising since and I intend to carry on because Bowel Babe showed me anything is possible. Thank you Dame Deborah James.

Kath Lee 

I was diagnosed with stage 3A bowel cancer and had surgery in November 2021 followed by 6 months chemotherapy. My niece told me about BowelBabe and I read her posts and listened to the podcasts You Me & The Big C. She really inspired me to get through my treatment positively with a smile on my face and hope in my heart, rebellious hope! Chemo went very wrong for me at first and I was hospitalized. Although I didn’t dance through the rest of chemo I did increase all my activity and followed a 12 week gym programme at my cancer centre inspired by Deborah. Dance your way through the afterlife Deborah knowing how you have inspired and helped me and so many other people. Rest easy beautiful and brave BowelBabe.

Grace Robinson 

Such an inspirational lady. I truly admired her positive personality throughout. A great ambassador for raising awareness. RIP Debra.

Peter Blay 

I only heard of Deborah when she needed palliative care. It is good she used the BBC platform to spread the message to the younger women . I lost my mum and sister in the 1980s to Bowel Cancel. There consultants collaborating to realise that they had a hereditary form of FAP. I suffered with what now is called IBS and had to wait 20 years to when my mother and sister had been diagnosed. I had my colon removed in 1983 and plumed up without having a stoma. 10 years later I was still having polyps removed so as I got to 50 and the probability of getting Cancer doubled. I had my small bowel removed and given a Ileostomy pouch. Then after 20 years my Ileostomy pouch got to its sell by date. I had an op to remove the Ileostomy pouch and given Ileostomy stoma. Some years ago.a Leeds hospital had some of my blood and after 2 years they found the fault in my DNA. My niece had a blood test based on their research and it showed she was clear.

Kathleen Gray 

A true hero in the cause of bowel cancer. Thoughts to her family, but will be with them in there hearts. I followed and admired her for her strenghth and keeping us all upbeat. Sad you are gone but never forgotten๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™

jayne bruce 

As a senior nurse and mother of 4 being diagnosed with cancer for the 2nd time in 2021 filled me with a sense of doom
Deborah brought light and hope into my life
I hope her children and family will have some comfort from knowing she was admired and loved, she truly has made a difference and touched the heart of many
A beautiful person inside and out x

Vicky Currie 

She was so brave and inspirational as many many people have said. She showed how life should be lived, however long one has. I hope this lesson will stay with me forever. My thoughts are with her family who must be so proud of her courage. Xโค๏ธ

Deborah Spice 

Such a loss to the world
When my husband was diagnosed last year I found her positivity, humour and optimism so infectious
She welcomed you into this crazy world of bowel cancer and it didn’t seem so scary. Heartfelt condolences to her family and friends
She will be missed โค๏ธ

Robyn Crago 

Dearest Dame Deborah, what an inspirational and brave lady you were. I was never lucky enough to meet you, but I feel I’ve lost a best friend.
My father died from bowel cancer so I’m lucky .. I get screened. To anyone who hasn’t had one, a colonoscopy isn’t much fun but the prep is far worse than the procedure. Never ever turn down the opportunity to have one.
My first one showed up pre cancerous polyps .. nothing much to worry about. But then I got poorly and following a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. It’ll never go away, it can’t be cured. But it can be controlled.
No I haven’t got cancer but I’m in such close contact with the endoscopy department .. they’ll pick up on anything if I tell them about a problem.
RIP gorgeous angel .. you’ve done so much in raising awareness about bowel cancer. Fly high and sleep tight xxx

Kate Matthews 


Jennifer JANE Childs 

You are truly an insparation may you rest in peace. God bless you and I send all love to your great family.

sally DADSON 

A true fighter and inspiration to many, who will be greatly missed by all who knew her x rest in peace xxx

Caroline Bernard-Moxey 

I was always aware of Dame Deborah's podcast, but having lost my mother to bowel cancer, I found it difficult and had been avoiding anything related to it. However I was very aware of Deborah's campaigning and positive attitude to her condition, and the work that she did when Covid hit and so many NHS cancer patients had their treatment stopped.

When Dame Deborah went into palliative care, I was astounded at her strength and the way that she used every moment of those last few weeks to the fullest and got out as much as she could until she was too weak to do so.

My main memory is her Celine Dion moment on Instagram, when I saw that on TV I was walking around the house singing it and chuckling to myself, I just loved it!!!

My heart goes out to Deborah's family and friends, she has left an amazing legacy and message to us all to work together to "show cancer who's boss"

Barry Haines 

So sorry to hear this news, after all the heartache may you now rest in piece ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Janet burt 

I have followed Deborah through her journey i was also diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015, i am now 5 years clear and she was such an inspiration for me, i can only send my heartfelt wishes to her family. Loved and never forgotten beautiful lady ๐Ÿ’”

Sarah Stringer 

So sorry for the family's loss. What a lady. She has left an amazing legacy. She really opened my eyes to potential trials & the actual physical journey of having treatment. Making it a lot more understandable & less scary.

Frances Abel 

How can anyone not be moved by such a powerful inspirational lady.
You made POO the in thing to talk about and will therefore save many lives
in the future.
A beautiful soul who will live on in peoples hearts.
You've made me think twice whenever I feel sorry for myself with my stage 3 bowel cancer.
We fight on thanks to you xx
R.I.P. Dame Deborah a title well deserved Xxx

Christine Feechan 

An inspirational woman, who made a difference, who will be missed, and has helped us ALL to keep trying to do things like this while we are living with bowel cancer.
I post this with another inspirational woman in foreground with me laughing at the back.

Ksthryn Rees 

An inspiration to me no other words so sad

Geraldine Wakley 

In honour of
Dear Dame Deborah
Forever young
Forever loved
I wear your Rebelious Hope shirt with pride.
Your were one very strong and brave young lady.

(9months since my cancer diagnosis)

R.I.P. Deborah
Never forgotten X
My thoughts are with all your family and friends at this very sadest of days

Catherine Trueman 

Dame Deborah James…what.a.woman! A woman who’s legacy and spirit will last forever. Who’s campaigning and breaking down taboos of the big C will have saved and will continue to save so many lives. Her book brought me comfort on sleepless nights, and their podcast kept me company on daily drives to the hospital. She really touched peoples lives. My thoughts are with her dear family in this very sad time โค๏ธ

Lesley Reynolds 

Your light, energy and joy will always exist, flourishing in the souls of every bowel cancer patient you have helped, and will continue to help.

Deepest love and condolences to your close ones - I can’t imagine how proud they are of you.

Thank you for sharing your story, thank you for affirming that despite having incurable cancer, we can still all have Rebellious Hope x

Gillian Wood 

Deborah had such a zest for life and has inspired others going through bowel cancer treatment to live their lives with compassion, humour and hope. Her legacy will live on โœจ
Sending love to all her nearest and dearest โค๏ธ

Kevin Etheridge 

This has upset me greatly Deb was an inspiration to all and my deepest sympathy to all her family . A true champion of the highest order .

Karen Griffin 

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dame Deborah. I was diagnosed stage 4 incurable in October 2018. She has been my inspiration and guiding light enabling me to fight on. Today I feel immensely sad and unsure. She was an absolute powerhouse of a human being. Fly high beautiful xx

Diane Stirling 

I would like to convey my sincere condolences to Deborah’s family and all those loved ones she has left behind. Such a remarkable and inspirational young lady who touched the hearts of millions of people. Her endless fight of this disease, and her amazing courage, will never be forgotten, such a Legend in every respect. Thank you for being you Deborah, for supporting so many cancer sufferers, and for raising so much funding for the future of bowel cancer. RIEP beautiful ♥๏ธ

Rachel O’Connor 

RIP Beautiful Lady ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”
Your passing has hit hard today…
You were and always will be an inspiration to so many…..
Fly free ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Aimee Knott 

I followed Deborah's story when my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer. She really got across how you feel about one more hug, one more sunset and so on. She inspired us to raise over £2217.52 for Bowel Cancer UK.

In her last weeks I kept thinking about that Dylan Thomas poem "Do not go gentle into that good night", because she really lived life in all its fullness right to the end. Now I think 'if love could have saved you, you'd have lived forever.' Sending love to her children, husband, parents, brother, sister, friends and family. xxx

Berenice Lam-Bard 

A remarkable lady……..I came across Deborah on Instagram when I first set up my page after being diagnosed with bowel cancer……..she was my Instagram inspiration as she delivered bowel cancer awareness, positivity, strength & much more courageously across social media.
You will be missed by many, Thankyou for all your awareness raising & charity work you have successfully achieved.

Rest In Peace ๐Ÿ’™
Berenice Lam-Bard

AKA………. Beauty The Bag And The Beast

Susan Carson 

Deborah was a great inspiration to everyone
Who has Bowel cancer or any cancer .
Inspirational to all of us knowing she was leaving her family behind but fought on raising awareness
And money for everyone to benefit from her legacy will never be forgotten by anybody with this wretched disease .
May she rest in peace after her fight

Maria Honeker 

When I was diagnosed with Stage III bowel cancer 5 years ago, Deborah was there to answer all my questions and to calm my fears when I was worried. I feel fortunate to have had her in my life when I needed someone to talk to. Deborah truly was inspirational in the way that she always kept going and that she spread awareness of bowel cancer wherever she went and helped save so many lives along the way. Even in the toughest of times she never stopped living and made the most of life. Heaven has gained another angel. Fly high my friend.

Sharon Robson 

Deborah has been my inspiration since being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in November 2021. Always positive and smiling and with a great resolve to keep spreading the word about bowel cancer. After reading her book she made me hopeful that their is a life still to be enjoyed and to live it as fully as you can.
Sending love & strength to her family at this incredibly sad time.
Rebellious hope & your legacy will live on x

Kim Fitzgerald 

You were a courageous inspirational lady Rest in peace beautiful xx

Marilynn Platt 

My mum Mabel died of bowel cancer ten years ago. Dame Deborah has been an inspiration to us all in coming to terms with this illness in such a matter of fact way. Such a beautiful lady with a lovely smile. We will always remember her and admire her tenacity and love of life.

Alice Drummond 

Such a sad loss especially for her children, the 9th July marks a year since my Dad died. Miss him every day. Love to Deborahs family x

Kathryn Bassett 

Deborah was inspirational in every way, fundraising, living life, getting an important message out there to help others.
As a family we have lost loved ones too soon to bowel cancer on both sides of our family so it is at the forefront of our minds how devastating it is to lose someone so young and our thoughts are with Deborah’s family and friends.
I listened to her last podcast for ‘You Me and the Big C’ on my way to radiotherapy for a recent breast cancer diagnosis, it was a tough listen, however she helped me release emotion and focus my mindset with her positive outlook. She has made a big difference in encouraging people to keep checking your poo - unsure? - get it checked out!
RIP - Deborah, dance to your hearts content.

Laura Whitaker 

What a courageous, beautiful, vibrant lady she was. We lost our mum to bowel cancer and to see the difference Deborah has made to the cause makes me so emotional. Making the difficult conversation no longer the elephant in the room....well done Deborah๐Ÿ™Œโค๏ธ
RIP and go show them how to party up there๐Ÿ˜‡

Liz Williams 

My beloved Aunt died of bowel cancer very young. The suffering was appalling. Had she not ignored the symptoms and got help earlier she may have still been here.
I was blessed to converse with Deborah via Instagram and she was determined to keep working. I had my doubts at the time about how she could but oh my goodness look what she achieved. The strength and love she showed was phenomenal.
I'm posting a picture of my Aunt as another life lost far too long. It was because of her and my own bowel cancer risk and scares (I've had major surgery twice now and still high risk and facing a stoma) that I connected with Deborah.
If you don't feel "right" listen to your gut - literally - not anyone who tells you not to worry. Push and push to be listened to and reassured by proper investigation. We are not numbers and money should not mean people slip through the net.
If you care for a loved one shout for them as sometimes we find it hard.
Hug each other more each day and pray for Deborah, her family and all affected by this truly wicked disease.

Rebecca McPherson 

When I was first diagnosed Dame Deborah gave me the inspiration to keep on enjoying life and see that advanced Bowel cancer isn’t necessarily a death sentence. She was always so positive and made me smile even on difficult days. She will be greatly missed x

Mathew Williams 

The loss of this incredible person has cut through more than I thought it would today: I'm also 40; I am also a teacher; I also have stage 4 bowel cancer. Only some people can campaign in the way that Deborah did. She was so skilful and zestful in her approach and this connected with so many people: it takes a unique individual to achieve so many feats. She helped put bowel cancer even more on the map... to have saved lives as one of your legacies is quite something. Deborah - I salute you. My family and I thank you. We live in your debt. May you rest in peace and may your family live in peace.

Susan Wilkinson 

So sad to hear the news of Deborah's passing. She was such an amazing and strong lady and such an inspiration to all. I have been acutely aware of Bowel Cancer since I lost my grandad to this horrible disease when I was only thirteen, 55 years ago! The campaigning by Deborah for more awareness has been so inspirational, such a strength to keep going against all the odds. She will be remembered in all our hearts, god bless. โค๏ธ

Alison Jones 

Amazing lady that helped me so much, listening to your podcast in the middle of the night, after my surgery, being inspired to get on with life with bits missing and with even more dodgy bowels. . You made me laugh, me think but most of all grab each day. Truly inspirational, beautiful lady, dance the nights away wherever you are Deborah โค๏ธ

Michelle Dorrian 

Deborah has been my inspiration throughout my own bowel cancer journey. Always positive and with her beautiful smile she kept me hopeful during chemotherapy treatment.
She had an infectious personality and I will miss her greatly.
Sending love & strength to her family at this incredibly sad time.
Rebellious hope & your legacy will live on x

Helen James 

When I first encountered Deborah online I couldn’t get how she seemed so alive when she was so unwell. Over time I’ve come to realise that was Deborah and since she became so unwell this year I truly realised how she took every bit out of the life she had. A real lesson for me and for us all. Embrace each day and take joy from it. I was next to Deborah in CCU at Easter as she sat outside my window with her mum. She sent me in chocolate easter bunnies and said she’s pop in to say hi before she returned to the ward. I fell asleep! I never imagined at that point quite how little time she’d left. As always taking the most as she did from each day. Her achievement in her pursuit of recognition and early diagnosis for all types of cancer and the contribution to research is enormous.
Beautiful beautiful soul you are Deborah

Emma Matthews 

I first heard of Deborah's story, shortly after my husband Martyn had died of the disease age 34. I was helping the charity to raise awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer in the young and at the time, Deborah was also sharing her story.

There was something about her positive outlook that resonated with me, as her courage, strength and humour was a reflection of my husband's. Deborah was a real comfort to me and I was in awe of her strength and determination to speak out to warn others despite her own terminal diagnosis and struggles.

In 2018, I was lucky to meet Deborah at the Bowel Cancer UK's Walk Together event in London. I'd bought her a gift - a Thirst Aid Kit (in disguise as a First Aid Kit) which had a hip flask inside, as her blog posts clearly hinted she enjoyed the odd drink or two! It was a tiny token to let her know how much her positive mindset inspired me to get on and enjoy each day, take risks, love deeply and have no regrets.

I will miss your infectious smile Deborah but hope now you are at peace xx

Rosemary Moffat 

I was so sad to hear about the death of Deborah. I have followed her since 2018 when my son was also diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. Sadly, he died in 2019 aged just 38. Another young life lost too soon to this horrible disease.
Thank you Deborah for your energy, honesty and for helping so many people through their cancer journeys, you are an inspiration and an absolute credit to your family.
Rest in peace beautiful Debs xxxx

Lynne Harvie 

Thank you so much for raising awareness of a cancer that was taboo and wasn't discussed much in public. Your bravery was totally awesome and your family must be incredibly proud of you. My husband died of bowel cancer in 2019 so I have some idea of what you've all been through. Your legacy will live on. Love to your family and friends x

Amanda Douglas 

I sit here this afternoon in my garden with tears in my eyes so very sad to hear of Deborah’s passing wow she was truly amazing and helped me when I was diagnosed in 2021 . Love to her beautiful family we have lost a beautiful person xxx

Margaret Smithson 

Such a brave lady, my prayers for her family at this time. My son was diagnosed with bowel cancer 2 years ago, caught very early and has just had a clear scan. GPs need to be more aware that young people are affected by this cancer as in my sons case it took 6 months before he had a proper diagnoses.

Ade and Val Nowland 

This is such a sad day for such a inspirational lady. She brought us all together to ‘live with cancer ‘ and enjoy life to the full . She is going to be sadly missed . We would like to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her true dedication, warmth, laughter and spirit . Dame Deborah we thank you truly xxx

Amanda Louise 

Dame Deborah, what a truly amazing, inspirational woman you were. Your podcast with Lauren and Rachel got me through some very dark times whilst I was dealing with the aftermath of my cancer diagnosis. Your outlook and love and zest for life was just so infectious. Keep dancing, you beautiful, brave lady and thank you for all you have done. What a legacy you have left behind. Love, always xx

Alexandra Pearman 

I had heard of Deborah’s podcast but it wasn’t really until my recent diagnosis of T4 bowel cancer that I really noticed her and her campaign. I have found great comfort and sense of support from seeing her talk of her journey with honesty, bravery and compassion despite the hardships she faced. It inspired me to raise money for Cancer UK myself. My admiration for how she has faced cancer has helped me face cancer and gives me strength and courage during my current treatment when things become challenging. If she can face cancer with humour and a smile, so can I!! My heart breaks that she didn’t have more time with her family and friends. I hope she found peace with the legacy she has left and the knowledge it will benefit so many people. I wish her family and friends strength and love โค๏ธ

Suzanne Barker 

Deborah was a shining beacon for me at the time of my diagnosis and treatment. Her sunny smile kept me going through many therapy sessions. She will be a huge loss to all of us suffering with this terrible illness and all those who loved her. My heart goes out to her family.

Thank you Deborah for all you did in your short time on earth. We are grateful. xx

Charles Mccaughey 

She was and remains an inspiration, I am now deemed cured after five years and have held her words close to me during that time. I will always hold her dear me. Thank Deborah for all you’ve done. Bless you and your family.

Geoff Hunter 

Deborah and her co hosts on You Me And The Big C were an inspiration to my wife who died of bowel cancer in 2020. They brought cancer out of the shadows and unbelievably made it funny. Was so so sorry to hear that “Bowelbabe” had died. G

Bela Sanches 

Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring human being.
You have no idea how much you've helped me during my journey with bowel cancer being now 5 years cancer free.
You truly left a legacy of Rebellious hope!

Willo Williams 

I’ve been desperately saddened watching Deborah’s struggle against this awful disease and the treatments she had to undergo along the way, always with a big smile, a little dance and an indomitable spirit. It really has been heartbreaking watching her deterioration, but in spite of that she was given a voice and was brilliant in raising awareness, unlike my tiny voice in trying to highlight colorectal cancer misdiagnoses and stigma for over 20 years.

My heart goes out to her family and friends who must be devastated by the loss of this courageous, beautiful woman, but they must also be immensely proud. I’m also saddened for her followers who have been given a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, as they must think there is little hope ahead. I would like to reassure them that people are surviving longer than five years. My cancer metastasised in 1990, having first appeared in 1985.

I’m immensely grateful to this amazing young woman who fought so bravely and so publicly, always looking her very best when sometimes she must have felt more like staying in bed, with the covers pulled over her head. Deborah James you are a star that will never fade.

Debra Dennett 

Following Deborah on Instragram encouraged me to seek medical advise earlier rather than later. I was diagnosed with a Dukes B tumour in November 2019 and am now cancer free. I will always be thankful to Deborah for her relentless campaigning in raising awareness of bowel cancer. A truly inspirational lady whose legacy will live on.


I heard Deborah speak in London when I had not long started working as a Colorectal Nurse Specialist.

Sharing your experience was inspirational to professionals as well as other patients.

Bless you

Jinny Bassi 

Very saddened to hear about your passing Deborah. My condolences to you and your family friends and people who loved you so much. You have always made me smile and made me be strong your smile was so contagious I will always remember you this way . R. I.P beautiful angel ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ™

Julie Stuart 

She was one very inspirational lady,we’ve lost 2 family members over the years and 3rd survived.So Deborah made me more aware and I spread the message among friends and family.RIP Dame Debs โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Martin Cheyne 

In memory
In hope
In gratitude

Julie Dixon 

She was so brave and I hope I can have the same bravery as I face a possible 2nd round with this horrid disease. Rest in peace lovely lady and prayers for your family.

Kim Coote 

What a beautiful soul you were inside and out! The stars will be extra bright tonight as you will be the brightest up there dancing about!
Thank you for your inspiration and your true love for life and sharing that with Bowelbaby!
Thinking of your wonderful family at this very sad time ๐Ÿ˜žXx

Jane Coleman 

I too was diagnosed with bowel cancer early but was one of the lucky ones to survive.
Deborahs story touched me in many ways and I can only be amazed and heartened by the way she lived her life until the end always wanting to raise awareness and money for research. Not everyone can do this but she was super special . My thoughts are with her family and friends who also went through this with Deborah.
My love to them all xxxx

Jackie Richardson 

So very sad to hear of the passing of Dame Deborah, such an inspirational strong woman, our hearts go out to her friends family and loved ones, rest in peace beautiful Lady, your job here is done

Liz Hennessy 

How she kept herself looking so beautiful throughout her illness.
Even down to her beautiful clothes.
An inspiration to all ladies that are fighting Cancer.
Rest in Peace beautiful lady. X

Sue Welch 

We started following Dame Debbie when my 41 year old daughter was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. We took strength from her courage. I’m happy to say my daughter is clear and Debbie’s relentless campaigning will ensure there will be many more like my daughter. Thank you

Sheila Rogers 

Dear Dame Deborah, I'm so sorry that you've lost your battle to cancer โ™‹ you fought so hard, and unfortunately, didn't win. I hope that you'll know how much good you did in your life, and that you'll always be remembered with love and affection ๐Ÿ’– I had my own battle with bowel cancer in 2014. I was so lucky, as mine hadn't spread, so no chemo needed. I hope you can continue to dance with the angels ๐Ÿ˜‡ sending so much love Deborah. ๐Ÿ’– xxx

Sue Simpson 

Such an inspirational lady. She gave such hope to so many people. Lost my Dad and my Nana to this cruel disease. My heart goes out to her family

Anonymous Post 

I first started listening to you me and big c podcast when it first started. It amazed me as a nurse to listen to 3 women talk so openly and honestly about cancer and treatment, and how their mindset towards it all was so open and positive. I started listening and was immediately in awe…I thought I can learn something here. Now I talk openly to my patients about cancer diagnosis, treatment and emotions and it feels freeing- I always have Debs, Rach and Lauren in my mind when I do so. But more than that -following them through social media - felt like they were my friends. Debs has achieved so much and she will be remembered way in the future. My heart literally aches for her and all who love her but wow Debs we all heard you and your voice will continue. Xx

Joanne Bramley 

What an amazing and courageous woman. God bless you Deborah and thank you for all you did to raise awareness of bowel cancer. Your legacy will live on and truly make a difference. May you rest in peace.

Darren Barton 

I’m so sad to hear of the passing of Dame Deborah James aka bowelbabe. After my diagnosis she was the first account I came across on Instagram, the first person outside of my close friends and family that I reached out to and someone who I take so much inspiration from and can’t thank enough for the advice given.
She lived life to the full even in adversity when so many people would crumble. She took bowel cancer awareness to a whole new level and will remain a shining star in mine and so many peoples lives.
I will live every day thankful for what I have and for what Deb has taught me. Rest in peace.

Clive Buckland 

Very sad as yesterday we lost an incredible Lady.
Dame Deborah James showed unbelievable courage, hard work, determination and drive to ensure that she got the message out there regarding bowel cancer in the face of her devastating news of terminal cancer.
Raising an incredible amount of money. Dame Deborah James has left a legacy, that has already saved lives and will continue to do so through her fund raising and the strong message she put out which included, bowel habits and CHECK YOUR POO.
Dame Deborah James had a wonderful zest for life, an example to us all.
I am one of the lucky people as in 2017 i was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to my liver. i had chemotherapy and an operation on my bowel and liver. i am coming up to five years cancer free.
Dame Deborah James Rest in Peace your legacy will live on as we all must continue to fight cancer and save many more lives.

Rachel Thomas 

I have been following Dame Debora for a few years and I listened to her podcast You Me And The Big C.
After losing my mum 5 Years ago to stage 4 bowel cancer she done regular checks due to family history and had no symptoms.
Sadly I lost her 12 weeks from being diagnosed.
Since then Two family members in my generation has had bowel cancer one sadly passed 2years ago the other doing really well as caught early due to taking to my dad. Since then I have been offered 5 yearly colonoscopys which I'm on the waiting list for I'm also in my fourties @bowelbabe has made taking about our bottoms much easier she is a true inspiration and touched many hearts Always Rebellious Hope โค๏ธ
Thank you Dame Debora may your star shine bright as your legacy continues โค๏ธ

Gwyneth Macaulay 

Dear Deborah's dynamism and wonderful public engagement towards the end is an inspiration to all cancer victims and her messages about the importance of getting tested (as early as possible) cannot be bettered.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015 after my (then periodic) blood donation (at an NHS blood donation centre) was refused because there was a problem. A full blood test was then arranged by my GP, who then organised a colonoscopy which resulted in the diagnosis. There was some spread to the liver.
I had not had any symptoms and a standard postal fecal test done a few months earlier had come back negative.

I was lucky because the cancer was early stage and curable (with chemo and surgery). I still have 6 monthly surveillance scans.
We all need to keep on top of this: having regular blood tests are imperative.

Stuart Lawson 

What an ispiration she was to so many people, her legacy will never be forgotten, RIP.

Jeni Rosborough 

I was amazed at how she had such a love for life despite her prognosis. She showed all sides of cancer treatment good and bad and raising awareness and breaking the taboo around checking your poo and the money she raised will totally help kick cancers butt. Much love to her gorgeous children and family. ๐Ÿ’œ

Lindsay Dew 

Heartfelt condolences to Dame Deborah's family and friends and to all who surrounded her with their love and friendship especially her parents, with many prayers for strength to face the future without her.

Marta Carvalho 

What an amazing journey to help ours & future generations. RIB Dame Debs. You will not be forgotten โค๏ธ

Marie Clements 

My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the beautiful, brave and inspirational Deborah James….
I thank you Debs for ‘outing’ Bowel cancer.
You have helped so many of us to talk about ‘Pooh’

You are surely among the Angels now…

Jo-ann Rogers 

Dame Deborah,
I have recently been diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer which has spread to my lung. There are no words to describe my fear for my indeterminable future. But, I know I will be able to seek comfort and reassurance from the legacy you have left behind you. Through your books, podcasts and blog posts, I know I will be able to find little rays of sunshine to cast hope through my storm.
I wish you much peace and your family much comfort.

Big love, Jo

Julia Greenhough 

My younger brother died from Bowel Cancer aged 51 on a very hot day in August 2018. As the youngest of 4 children, he was the comic in the family - grabbing attention in a noisy household with his side-splitting wit and stories. Up until the day he died he was still telling jokes. We miss him every day. I will never forget the day he died. We drove up to the hospice as we had done as a family every day for a few weeks and sitting on the bank was my beloved sister in law with her head in her hands, he had gone. We sat with him for hours that day, a welcome breeze lifting the curtains at the door looking over the garden outside.

He would have been so proud and happy with Deborah's campaign - such energy and a force for so much good. Towards the end he shared that he should have acted sooner - this was devastating to hear but I hope that the light being shone on this terrible disease will deter others from waiting.... Sending love to all those affected this week. Julia

Emma Ward 

Deborah’s journey hasn’t been an easy one & sadly she has lost her fight but she certainly fought til the very end with “rebellious hope” she’s touched the hearts of the nation with her fight & to raise awareness, I’m deeply saddened & this charity is so close to my heart. Let her legacy & good work continue.

Kirstie Corbett 

Same age, same profession, same cancer, same stage, same year. You and I had so many similarities.
I am in awe of how you tackled this with so much grace and energy. Your legacy and the crucial awareness you raised has put bowel cancer front and centre. You have saved lives by living yours. ๐Ÿค
Thank you for representing us ‘bowelies’ so perfectly.
We talked, in the early days, about being positive and upbeat-you lived it girl! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿค
You will be missed dearly. Love to your family, especially H&E. ๐Ÿ’•

Beverley Lawson 

Such a sad day although we knew it was coming Love to Deborahs family. My personal journey with bowel cancer has been helped so much by bowel babe since my diagnosis in late 2018 and I am forever grateful for the constant positivity and laughter that Deborah brought She has made it acceptable to talk about poo and believe you me I do all the time It has helped me and my family to be open with it and gets others talking as well which in turn gives them awareness of their own health Wearing my pink t shirt today for Deborah and will continue to do so Sleep well darling lady xxx

Catherine Brien 

Vale Dame Deborah James. What a legacy she leaves, not just in the UK, but around the world. Her vivacity and rebellious hope really struck a chord. Her tireless campaigning has doubtless saved many, many lives. Rest In Peace Deborah x

Nadia Chandler 

Dame Deborah James was an amazing women. I often messaged her regarding my bowel cancer diagnosis and she would always reply. Deborah taught me to take one day at a time and cherish each and every moment that you have. Deborah’s work in raising awareness around bowel cancer saved many lives. Her legacy will live on in all of us in the cancer community and I’m sure her legacy will go on to save many more lives. So I would like to thank Deborah from the bottom of my heart. Dance with the angels bowel babe and May you rest in eternal peace.

Hayley Harris 

Deborah has been an inspiration on how you can live with palliative treatment. She has been an amazing spokeswoman for bowel cancer. So dignified, beautiful and open. We couldn’t have asked for a better , more eloquent person to educate the masses.
I will genuinely miss seeing her and reading about her latest events, I feel as if I knew her personally!! An extremely sad day that her light has gone out


Deborah was diagnosed with bowel cancer the same year as myself, 2016. I’d lost my own Mum to bowel cancer only three years before that so I felt really frightened. I have followed Deborah ever since and her journey touched me deeply. She always held on to “Rebellious Hope” and this helped me get through such a challenging time. What an exceptional lady,truly inspirational and such a beautiful heart. Her dedication to shining a light on this dreadful disease will forever be remembered. I am so thankful for all that she has achieved for this cause and her legacy will continue with the Bowelbabe charity. My heart goes out to her family at this very difficult time.
Keep on sparkling Dame Deborah , I heard you say “ I feel so loved” and you were.โค๏ธ

Kath Thompson 

Deborah was a true inspiration to all of us going through bowel cancer , she had the most amazing energy . And although I never met her personally there was a sisterhood between her and everyone that is affected by cancer . She will be missed greatly by all . My condolences to her family but rest assured her legacy will remain always ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

And for Deborah ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ thank you

Margaret Gaskin 

You were a amazing woman I only ever seen a smile on your face.
Where ever you are you will continue to do your great work.

Elaine Wells 

I first heard of Deborah when i was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in march 2021. She was an inspiration , dancing around in a hospital gown while i felt like shit in mine, but she made me think , i can do this. I am lucky , all my cancer was removed and i am now NED with frequent check ups,I feel sad in the fact she was so young, and healthy, i am 64 and arthritic and still here , it makes no sense, although im glad i am still here, i feel guilty , she was so young and beautiful.
i would like to send the biggest hugs to her children , husband parents and siblings , god bless you Deborah RIP XXX

Sara Hills 

I’ve followed Dame Deborah for about 4 years and during that time my Uncle was sadly diagnosed and tragically died from Bowel Cancer.
I miss him dearly and will now miss Dame Deborah too.
Both a total inspiration to me.
Rest in Peace Our Sleeping Beauty ๐Ÿ–ค

Anna Gilmour 

Thank you Dame Deborah. For your bravery, it helped countless others find theirs. You have saved so many lives, it seems too cruel your life could not be one of them. X

David Browne 

Such sad news, my heart goes out to Deborah and all of her family.
I was diagnosed stage 3 bowel cancer in November 2017, during this time I found Deborah to be a real inspiration that got me through many a dark day.
God bless ๐Ÿ™

Anne Lovelock 

Farewell and fly high you beautiful brave soul. I have followed your podcast and it inspired me not to overlook my invite for bowel screening. It might just have saved my life. It came back positive but I was very fortunate that the problem was picked up early enough and I’m currently undergoing treatment. Thank you Deborah. RIP angel xx

Elanor Towers 

Like many others I am so saddened to hear of Deborah’s passing. I will miss seeing her Instagram posts and her inspirational words. The awareness she has raised about the big C is phenomenal and her legacy will live on. My thoughts are with all her family and friends at this very sad time.

Pamela Ojideagu 

Such sad news today sending my love best wishes to Deborah’s family. She showed such great courage on how to live with the diagnosis of cancer in any form. Little did I know when my brother in law died from bowel cancer over 10 years ago that I myself would suffer from it in 2016. Unfortunately he was not aware his bleeding could be due to bowel cancer and did not get help soon enough but did live sometime with it even having part of his liver removed Fortunately Mine was caught early and my surgery of removing the tumour saved my life
So please as Deborah said seek help early if you have any change in bowel habit or any bleeding or signs in your poo It could just save your life

Susan Page 

Dearest Deborah, thank you for everything you have done to highlight this terrible desease. My heart goes out to your family and friends at this devastating time.

My girl died of bowel cancer aged just 23, she was misdiagnosed for months and then it all became too late.

With the dedication you have given to this cause, I hope there will be more awareness and treatment in the future, so that less and less people have to face this tragedy.

God bless you angel.

Claire harnett 

She was first person who I turned to five years ago when diagnosed with cancer. I was in very dark place. She told me to open curtains. Get dressed. Put some make up on and write. I did that. One week later I told her i was out with friends trying to dance on tables with chemo bottle down my new dress. She has always been there. Coming from Ireland were there is nothing like bowel cancer UK she welcomed me into a community I never felt alone.

Julie Merritt 

Farewell to a lovely, brave lady - the same age as my eldest daughter too - so sad. I’m 15y post diagnosis for bowel cancer and without the research, wouldn’t be here today. You will be missed, but never forgotten by everyone for your ability to share your story with the world to get the message of not being afraid to talk about ๐Ÿ’ฉ

Michaela Brown 

I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer in 2015 and was thrown into the uncertain world of trying to live with cancer with a baby and a 3 year old at the age of 32 feeling very alone. In 2017 Deborah shared her story and started her blog, which I have followed ever since. She has and will always be my true hero and inspiration. Despite all the uncertainties cancer throws at you, Deborah always sought out the positives and helped me with my own journey for which I will always be truly grateful. The awareness Deborah has built for bowel cancer is just incredible and must have saved so many lives. She was one incredible lady. Sending so much love to her family at this devastating time xx

Rachel Adams 

Rest in Peace Deborah. My heart goes out to your family and friends. You were an absolute inspiration, and I wear my ‘rebellious hope’ t-shirt with pride xxx

Kathy Campbell 

A truly inspiring lady who will be sadly missed but your legacy will continue.

R.I.P Deborah condolences to all your family, friends & colleagues ๐Ÿ˜˜โค xx

Lesley Shaw 

Totally heartbroken to hear about Deborah's passing. Your story kept me going through my journey. Rest easy now angel.

Sarah Burnham 

I first read about Deborah in September’18 whilst waiting to find out what stage bowel cancer I had and what treatment I needed. Her 10k runs to the Marsden inspired me to run too and I signed up for Team Bowel Cancer UK for the Great North Run the following year even before my resection surgery. I managed four races that year after never running before! Her Instagram posts have inspired and cheered me since, especially when my husband Steve was also diagnosed with bowel cancer a year ago. She was a beacon of light for living with cancer and inspired so many with rebellious hope, always talking positively about the next options after setbacks with her treatment. We are both thankfully now cancer free and living proof of how checking your poo really can save lives! I will miss her beautiful smile popping up on my Instagram. Thanks for reminding us to dance through the rain …….โค๏ธ

Sarah Warren 

I’ve just had another listen to the last 2 podcasts You, Me and The Big C. I hope you and dear Rachael having a blast. My thoughts are with your family at this sad time. You have been an absolute warrior and your memory will live on.Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Josie Strange 

Thank you Dame Deborah for bringing the subject of ‘Poo’ into the public eye. When I was diagnosed over 8 years ago, it was regarded as a subject not easily aired in public let alone spoken with work colleagues. You were and are a credit to your family and a huge beacon of light and advocate for all of us. Thank you and bless you.

Gillian Johnson 

I am fortunate enough not to had this awful cancer, but know the effects it has on the person suffering and the families, my sister has been unfortunate to have had this cancer 3 times, and now survives with a stoma, which she hates, but knows she would not be here if she had not taken that decision. I am proud of how she has coped each time, with the help of family and friends over the years, she enjoys a full life and happily that she was diagnosed early each time, mainly through her own inspection of her poo on a regular basis.

Sean Holtby 

I was diagnosed in 2016 and I first came across Deborah on “You me and the big C”. What an inspiration and certainly helped me with not feeling embarrassed about having the “Poo Cancer” and also that I wasn’t on my own.
RIP you wonderful person, sending love to all her family and friends x

Christian Hayman 

I’d never heard of bowel cancer before I saw Dame Deborah on Lorraine, together they shared a regular platform to destigmatize a sh1tty subject but now we can be more aware of our habits and form, taking care to watch we comes out as well as what we put in. She was always a ray of sunshine, that smile was immense and she shone so bright and touched the lives of so so many. An utter legend and leaves behind a legacy that will save many more lives than those saved already. So utterly sad to have read last night of her passing but may she now finally be at peace, much love to her family at this devastatingly sad time. Following those last moments of her memories she was building with family and friends up till the end was heartwarming, so many rallied to ensure her hopes and dreams were fulfilled. Our hearts are heavy with sadness today.
Christian xx

T K 

Dear Dame Deborah James,

I am so very sad to hear the news - I started following you when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. He passed away in 2018 but I continued to follow you intently, inspired by your undefeated, beautiful and vibrant spirit.

Despite the fact that you never knew me, you taught me many things and managed to have a considerable impact on my life (and countless others). Who knows how many people you touched with your light. What a profound effect - what a wonderful human being.

My deepest sympathies go to your lovely family, they must be so incredibly proud of all the monumental things you achieved.

Your legacy continues, we will never forget you xxx

Wilma Streeter 

I was told about Deborah by a Nurse during my chemo treatment.I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer last June.Listening to Deborah's podcasts and reading her messages on Instagram were like a beacon of light during some very dark months.I learned to keep looking up at the sun, live a full life and when the time comes to ensure I don't leave anything unsaid or undone.RIP beautiful lady & thank you x

Michelle Raath 

From my cancer journal entry from yesterday. - Today a wonderful woman, Dame Deborah James died peacefully surrounded by her family. I have been following her story since my own diagnosis. She oozed optimism and hope, was full of fun and life throughout the most horrendous diagnosis and treatment which began for her at only 35 years old. 5 short years later the angels have taken her. Her body became tired but her mind and enthusiasm was still working at full capacity to the very end, selflessly supporting all of us going through this horrible journey that is bowel cancer. Her story lifted me and showed me how you can truly still live with cancer. Thank you Deborah, just thank you for everything.

Philip Crossan 

I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer round about the same time as Deborah. I remember seeing a TV Article about her looking round different Hospices for when the time came and I began to follow her journey. She gave me inspiration to fight this thing and although I got stronger and am now in remission she went the other way and sadly has been taken from us far too early in life. God bless you Deborah, your legacy will live on for a long long time. Thank you for every, Instagram Link and Photo / Video promoting the cause. I am sure you have saved a lot of lives with your constant message of "Check Your Poo"!

My heart goes out to your whole family at this sad time xxx

Susan Wright 

Rest in Peace lovely lady, you shared your journey with such dignity and courage and gave encouragement to many. You are my hero.

Jackie Cleverley 

My deepest condolences to Deborah’s Family & Friends
I understand what they are going through
My loving husband John lost his life to bowel cancer in July 2019 after only being diagnosed 7 months earlier
Cancer is a horrible disease & it doesn’t discriminate - young, old, male & female
We need more funding to help research cures & treatment for cancer

Kelly Skillern 

You have been an inspiration Dame Deborah and will be missed by so many. May you rest in peace โค๏ธ Please give my mum, Yvonne Benfield, a big squeeze up there and tell her I love and miss her every single day. She passed in 2015 of Bowel Cancer.

Mark Gregory 

Dame Deborah James, a truly brave and inspirational person. I can remember the podcasts along with Rachael and Lauren and thinking what a fantastic thing to do. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2021 and Deborah was never far from my mind. Thank you for giving strength and advice.

Donna Lacey 

Dame Deborah had The Most Beautiful soul and was truly inspirational in so many ways, its a true loss to no longer have her in this world but I'm sure that the amazing work she done to raise awareness and funding will live on and to her family we are eternally grateful that you lent her to us so we got to share in such a wonderful human being
#soloved #somissed #forevergrateful

Mary Roach 

Thank you. ๐Ÿ’”

Rachel Farrell 

RIP Dame Deborah James. Such an amazing lady who has helped raise awareness, millions and saved lives. My wonderful mum sadly passed away from secondary bowel cancer on Monday 27th June after a 4 year battle so I understand how incredibly difficult it will be for all her family and friends right now. Both Deborah and my Mum have inspired me to help continue to raise money and awareness so that others can continue to benefit from early diagnosis and treatment Xx

Jo Roberts 

My heart is with your darling family Deborah. After witnessing first hand the devastating effects of cancer, sad, confusing effect, you managed to become my guiding light with your positivity for life how you turned even the saddest moment in to precious ones.
You are truly one in a million and I am sad you are gone, but I know the 'bowelbabes' effect will ripple on forever xx
Thank you Angel x

Lynn McCormick 

I lost my father, grandfather and uncle to bowel cancer so I know how it affects families. Early diagnosis is paramount, I'm also on the screening programme, so hopefully I'll either be spared from bowel cancer or I'll find it early.
Thank you Dame Deborah James for your inspirational journey living with bowel cancer, let's all have rebellious hope, and check our poos!
Dance with the angels now sweetheart xx

Ceri Parkin 

You helped me so much once I had my diagnosis. She was someone I could relate to and listened to the you me and the big c podcast. She helped me stay positive and ensure I beat this cancer

Ruth Cochran 

Dame Deborah was such an inspiration and touched so many peoples hearts. My mum is a survivor of bowel cancer through all the research so i am pleased to give back whenever I am able to. Deborah highlighted to many many people that this is a cancer that can be beaten and people need to through off the stigma. You truly were a hero. God Bless

Susan King 

I was saddened to hear of poor Deborah's passing.
Having had bowel cancer in 2015 - I am very grateful to have survived.
I am now 77 yrs of age and had good results after surgery in 2015.
Given all clear in 2020 (just before Covid) ! Wasn't I the lucky one!
I now have E. T., Essential Thrombocythaemia (a form of blood cancer) - but am being treated with drugs which seem to help me- (thank goodness).

Gail Johnson 

Deborah following your journey was emotional and inspirational. As a survivor of bowel cancer myself I felt so close to you I understood all that you shared. You were such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your story and your symptoms highlighting the importance of checking yourself. RIP beautiful lady xxxxx

Katie Formstone 

My husband was diagnosed stage 3 bowel cancer last year at 42 yrs old and that's when we discovered Dame Deborah. She helped us to see that you can live with Cancer, her voice was so powerful. I really hope she has found peace. Thank you for all you did to raise awareness BowelBabe.

Patsy Johnson 

God bless you Deborah. Heaven holds you now. No more pain no more sadness for you. Your family were blessed by the most shining star that you are.
I lost my mum, Ann, to bowel Cancer when she was 46 and I just a teenager. How different our experience would have been of there had been a Deborah when we went through it. The world needs more Deborahs! Dance forever Deborah and thank you. ๐Ÿ’œ

Barbara Moss 

Deborah did indeed teach us how to live and how to die. Subjects that people find hard to address, she brought to the forefront. We could learn so much from her tenacity. Importantly, we should continue her legacy: make Bowel cancer a disease we manage, stopping it in its tracks!

Helen Williams 

Dame Deborah will never leave my memory. What an impact she has had. I have lost my sister-in-law and a university friend to bowel cancer in the last 2 years, both incredibly young, lost too soon. I'm thankful for the work Dame Deborah has done to raise awareness and to save and change lives for the better. I will be wearing my tshirt, watering her rose, and raising a glass to her. Love to all of her family, who must be unimaginably proud of her resilience, fortitude and the joy and hope she gave to so many others.

A H 

For those of us who've been through bowel cancer or still living with bowel cancer, it's important to carry on Deborah's work in whatever way we feel is right, whether that's campaigning, raising money and awareness or reaching out to others. Pooing is a wonderful thing and our bodies are miraculous in the way they work (including processing our poo to get rid of toxins) - nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Sophie Russell 

I think that debera is an inspiration to so many! We all get so caught up with life that we forget to actually live . Always in our hearts

Denise Cooke 

She was an inspiration to everyone, brought awareness to us all about bowel cancer . Here family must be very proud of the strong woman that she was . My deepest sympathy to them all . I am a bowel cancer saviour my self .

Rachel Chick 

I was heartbroken to hear Deborah had passed away yesterday. I followed her regularly on BBC1 breakfast and Lorraine. She probably saved my life - I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2020 and because they caught it early I have made a full recovery. Such a beautiful and inspirational woman. Thank you for being so upbeat and getting me through a difficult time in my life. Sending love to her family and friends.

Lesley Minto 

Beautiful, brave lady, now in alot of people's Memories . R.I.P. Deborah Xxx ๐Ÿ’ž

Denise Mulqueen 

So sad to hear this sad news about Deborah, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 6 years ago but touch wood after removing the large tumour and going for regular checks it’s in remission. Always remember if something doesn’t feel right get it checked out. My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time. RIP dear Deborah xxxx

Denise Eddy 

An amazing lady who inspired so many people to not just sit and take it. She has left such a legacy, which I hope will comfort her family and friends moving forward.
She made sure that poo was not taboo and started a conversation that will grow and grow and help so many people.
May she now rest in peace, knowing that there are others that can carry on her good work.

Alison Clark 

Dame Deborah was a beautiful, inspirational lady who has left such a legacy. We will never really know just how many people have been touched by her. Rest in Peace. Sincere condolences to Dame Deborah's family. xx

Freddie Drummond 

When my husband was diagnosed with bowel cancer in Jan 2020 I found the Podcast, You, me and the Big C. Deborah you truly were inspirational. A beacon of hope in our darkest of times. Sadly we lost Harrie last June, we also have children of the same age. Sending your family much love and strength. Thankyou for everything, Fly high beautiful lady.

carol moorcroft 

Iv been following Debra’s journey and felt very overwhelmed by everything she’s been doing and also felt very sad seeing her theses last few weeks and now hearing the news that she’s lost her battle with bowel cancer so very sad but happy that her memory and everything she’s raised will live on today and many many years to come ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ™

Paul Creavy 

Thank you Deborah for all you have done

Eileen Pugh 

Deborah will be loved eternally. She was a shining light in dark times. So so sad she has died. We first came upon her in January 2019 when my husband was given his Terminal Diagnosis. I have followed her since. Derek sadly died in April 2020. I continued to have hope for Deborah, Deborah's Book "Fuck You Cancer" was a gift to us and all her posts in Bowel Cancer Forum and in the Fb Group Living with Stage Four Bowel Cancer. What a Lady for one Lady. I will miss her beautiful smile, her dances, family sharing, her raw honesty. Deborah deeply touched my whole family. May she Rest in Peace, hope to hug her on the other side. Much love to her family and her incredibly courageous mother "BowelGran" won my heart. Devastated but so Grateful Deborah showed up. Deborah was a Rare Jewel. Rebellious Hope will Live on and so many terminal lives will live better thanks to her Legacy. So much awareness and lives saved. Beautiful Soul inside and out.
Eileen Pugh

Hazel Guttridge 

Such an inspirational young woman to all bowel cancer warriors raising amazing awareness for bowel cancer.
She gave me hope and inspiration to carry on during treatment with her positivity.
Dame Deborah James Bowelbabe your legacy will live on you will be sadly missed beautiful lady. โค

Anne Ward 

Lovely Deborah. An amazing woman and role model. Her openness, honesty and joy for living showed me life is always precious and that I too could live a great life, be happy and have fun even with bowel cancer.

Kirsty Skelton 

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last August….operation in the October then stoma reversal in March 2022….I have been very lucky and the work Dame Deborah has done in raising awareness has been incredible as it all lies in early detection!
So important to investigate changes in your body and not take No for an answer!
My thoughts are with Dame Deborah’s family at this incredibly sad time…they should be so so proud of what she achieved in the fight against this horrendous disease.

Nicky Llewellyn 

RIP beautiful girl, what an inspiration you have been.

Jen OMalley 

After being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer the same month as Deborah - she holds a very special place in my heart. Wow what an inspiration and what she has achieved in raising awareness and money is quite incredible! Cherish those around you and love life x

Beverly Jackson 

Deborah, you touched the hearts of the whole nation and brought awearness of this cruel desease. I'm sure you have saved more life's then you could imagine. My heart goes out to all your family

Krystle Evans 

Sending love to Deborah's family at this heartbreaking time. She smiled and had fun till the very end. Her campaign was heard loudly and she fought to have information on toilet paper..everyone can read and learn about bowel cancer because of Deborah. Remarkable woman and she will be missed now she has her Wings. Be at peace now,you fought hard all the way.

Tracey Cox 

First off R.I.P Deborah. You was a massive inspiration to me I got diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2020 literally as you started the no butts campaign, can I truly say you helped me through it I would follow u on all social media platforms and how your encouragement helped me through my process quicker, I now have Lynch syndrome I know I can do it all again, my mum was also diagnosed 6 months exactly to the date after me, U was so brave and helped so many people and have done so much for us cancer families. You will always be remembered forever and always. ♥๏ธ♥๏ธ

Michelle Jones 

Rest in peace beautiful young lady, my thoughts and prayers for your loved one's, friends. Such a courageous, brave lady a fighter. Thank you for sharing your blog and making more aware of bowel cancer.

Steve Blackborow 

How can I put in to words, what an inspirational woman you were your legacy will live forever. You have helped and save so many lives. I was diagnosed with dukes b colorectal cancer at the age of 23 and luckily have been in remission for 18 years in August I want to thank you for everything you have done. I’m devastated for you and your family. RIP to a lovely lady

Joan Furlong 

I loved listening to Deborah Rachel and Lauren in YouMeTheBigC and then following her story. She was so inspirational and fun to watch. I loved her dancing and her passion for clothes and lipstick. Watching her do her daily runs whilst undergoing treatment was so motivational. She has left a lasting legacy. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

Paule Read 

My condolences to Dame Deborah’s family and friends. I lost a daughter to bowel cancer and I appreciate what Dame Deborah has achieved in the education and screening for Bowel Cancer. RIP

Christopher Whittaker 

Well I Watch the News as much as I Can
I Am Living The Dream
As a Lancashire born lad, I am currently Touring as a Coachdriver in't The Scottish Highlands. Living life to the Max. Age 54 Find Fantastic inspiration from the person Lady on our Good Morning Britain News God Bless To Everyone Concerned & Thankyou to Marsden Hospital staff,

Sarah Breeze 

Such an inspirational woman and so so brave. My heart goes out to Deborah’s family. The world has lost a true hero xx

Liz Winnett 

I have never cried so much over someone I have never met. Your attitude and zest for life made it seem like you were everyone’s friend. Your promotion of Bowel Cancer will be your endless legacy, of which everyone going through a similar journey will be eternally grateful for xx

Kathy Speirs 

This is for the kids who may read this- I hope you know you are loved that your mum didn’t want to leave you, that it’s not fair. The family you have around you love you and will help you. Don’t suffer in silence- talk about it - don’t talk about it. Do you. Your mum taught us this in how she lived her life - she was uniquely herself. She is raging to miss the milestones - but you can remember her in these and know that she loves you. Lots of love to you Kathyxxxx

Carole Rishman 

I lost my son to bowel cancer in 2010 4 months after diagnosis at age 31. Deborah’s story was inspiring. To see how treatments have moved on in the last 12 years, allowing Deborah and many others to live with cancer for so much longer is heartwarming. The outpouring of sadness and tributes today show how much Deborah has done to raise awareness of bowel cancer. Her legacy will live on through her Bowelbabe fund.
Dame Deborah I salute you, you have earned your rest. Xxx

Tracey Hawken 

You and my husband were diagnosed around the same time , your positivity kept me going in the darkest of time ,
RIP beautiful lady xxx

Victoria Hall 

From the minute I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, Deborahs attitude of rebellious hope was instilled in me. It is an attitude I will retain for the rest of my life; dancing, singing, crying and laughing through cancer with all the love and joy which she taught me to appreciate for every second I'm not in hospital. Thank you Dame Deborah, your legacy has and will spread like wildfire for the years and decades to come. Victoria x

Lyn Mckay 

I started following Debbie when I got my bowel cancer diagnosis in March 2021 her positivity and and frankness helped me so much, her zest for life and her “never give up” frame of mind gave me hope that I’d get through my cancer ordeal…thanks Debs ♥๏ธ

andrea manterfield 

So very sad, a lovely lady taken too soon by this terrible disease, such an inspiration to us all sleep tight beautiful lady x

Layla Kirtley-Collison 

Deborah has been such an inspiration especially since my mum also had Bowel Cancer :(
Seeing this woman stick 2 fingers up to it and also make jokes saying 'I have the poo cancer' showed me and so many others that she wasn't going to let it take over her life...
My mum is devastated by the news and I know it's going to open up some wounds and also bad memories of her time in hospital.
I want to send lots of love to Deborah's family and say what a wonderful lady, mother, wife she was.

Thank you for sharing your story with the world xxx

Gemma Crossleu 

It was thanks to Deborah that I went to my GP due to my symptoms. Had I not seen her posts I probably would have kept putting it off..quite frankly she saved my life like I know she did so many others..I will be forever grateful to her. She’s inspirational, beautiful, funny and just wonderful..sleep tight Dame Deborah your legacy will go on and on ๐Ÿ’–

Jennifer Chambers 

You were one of the first accounts I came across following my advanced bowel cancer diagnosis back in 2020.

Rarely, but occasionally you come across people that make such an extraordinarily positive impact on your life. You are one of those people Deborah. During such a dark time you brought light, gave sound advice and lit up the cancer community with your fierce zest for life and the drive to raise awareness of bowel cancer.

You told us to be our own advocates and have rebellious hope.

Your legacy will help save thousands of people. Our legacy to you will be to always hold on to that hope โค๏ธ

Debbue Taylor 

Deborah helped me through my own Stage 3 diagnosis with her no-nonsense, open posts throughout her journey, where her sense of fun shone through. Her inspirational determination to raise awareness as well as funds inspired me to do the same. Thank you for all you have done Deborah Rest in peace. X

Beveridge Kerry 

Loved how your strength and positivity shone through, it helped us through my husbands diagnosis and treatment and encouraged me to spread the word! Xx

John Miller 

Another angel gained her wings. Another star in the sky. RIP Bowelbabe - Taken too early ๐Ÿ’”

I am a bowel cancer survivor and proof that early diagnosis really does save lives.

Although I do suffer with 'survivors guilt' when I read stories of families torn apart by this terrible disease.

Deborah was an inspiration. To do what she has done in raising awareness despite fighting bowel cancer shows what an amazing and strong lady she was. A true fighter.

The world is a sadder place without you. But your family should be proud of all that you have achieved and the lives that you have undoubtedly saved with your work to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer.

We will continue to raise awareness and make sure all that you have done continues.

Thank you for everything.

Jess Hunter 

Thank you Deb for showing us how to live (and dance) even when we are facing something as scary as cancer. Your spirit is amazing! We will keep up the fight for you. #rebellioushope

Suzanne Baum 

Your rebellious hope is what helped you cope.
And a passion for fashion too.
An outpouring of love for a dame in a day.
Oh how lucky I am to have met you.
For when bowel cancer was diagnosed you were able to steer through the fog.
Determined to spread awareness of it through your blog.
And that you achieved when bowelbabe first began.
As you chronicled the good and ugly times in the way only you can.
On the bad days you always tried to see a positive.
With the better ones another chance to fight to live!
Every time I interviewed you, I was conscious of how you felt.
I’d sensitively ask you questions as you made my heart melt.
For despite the difficulties you were facing & the treatment you were going through.
It was vital for you to share your story, that I knew.
And in doing so you’ve taught us how precious life can be.
The symptoms to look out for, in an effort to keep us all cancer free.
You never sugar coated anything in a bid to keep things real.
And I know it won’t be easy for your loved ones to heal.

Keryn McNicol 

Dame Deborah was a true star. A beauty inside and out she really was such a ray of light despite her own dark days. Your legacy is only just beginning so thank you. May your family find peace in the knowledge that their grieving reflects how much she was loved ๐Ÿ’”

Nicola Jennings 

As a colorectal specialist nurse, your bravery, courage, determination was inspiring to me and others. Raising the profile of bowel cancer, you have left such a legacy. RIP.

Emma Oakes 

In my darkest days after my diagnosis Deborah gave me strength and hope. I would look for her updates and think of her whenever it got very dark. The word inspirational isn’t strong enough to describe her. I can’t find the words. I hope her family will be ok without her and they know just how missed she will be by us all x

Ann Waters 

The saddest of news that Dame Deborah had passed. Sending sincere condolences to her family and friends.
A totally inspirational lady a real force of nature who leaves an amazing legacy.
For me personally her voice was in my head when I had vague symptoms and really wasn’t sure that I had anything wrong. Her words,
if you feel something isn’t quite normal for you then get it checked.
I did just that and 18 weeks ago I had surgery, I will be forever grateful that she highlighted the need for people to be proactive if something doesn’t seem right.
Forever grateful to Deborah.
Ann Waters.

Deborah Willis 

I have followed Dame Deborah’s journey since my own stage 4 Bowel Cancer diagnosis in early 2020 . I am in my 40’s and got told I was too young for Bowel cancer . Thanks to people like Deborah raising funds and awareness I’m still here . I now do my bit however small to do the same . Pioneering Robotic surgery saved my life and I’m forever grateful and always full of ‘ Rebellious Hope ‘ xxx
RIP Beautiful lady ๐Ÿ’•

Louise Fordham 

Thank you for being honest, funny and a true person. You made me feel hopeful through your continuous zest for life in adverse personal times. You have given me determination to keep going forward when we are dealing with Stage 4 cancer.

Nicky Crabbie 

I had no red flag symptoms of bowel cancer but after watching and following Deborah it made me think I should get checked as had a few 'boggling worries. My FIT test revealed a trace of blood and then colonoscopy revealed a tumour. It was operated on and caught at stage 1. Deborah will have helped and will continue to help so many people get tested, take away taboos and save lives. An inspirational, incredible, beautiful lady who's legacy will never die. Darling Debs - thank you. You are so loved.

Regina O'Reilly 

You had such a positive energy about you Deborah. In my eyes you still.
You are around us. You are the reason we keep fundraising, raising awareness of the symptoms, the reason for keep smiling.
We have the rebellious hope x

Caroline Pauls 

I watched my father pass away from bowel cancer 9 years ago after living for only a year after diagnosis. I am in awe of how this beautiful woman has battled and fought so publicly for 5 years, raising awareness and breaking down the stigma of talking about all things poo and bowel related whilst often being in such pain. I have faced my own cervical cancer diagnosis this year at 46, the age my mum was when she was diagnosed with and fortunately survived breast cancer many years ago, my outlook is good but it has made me appreciate my life more. Deborah has been a true inspiration for me and so many others. I send my deepest sympathies to her children, husband, mum and other family and friends โค๏ธXxx

Sally Chambers 

Deborah you were simply awesome. You did so much to raise awareness of bowel cancer and as a fellow stage iv Bowel cancer patient I am truly grateful to you. Thank you for everything that you did in raising awareness and money for the cancer charities - right down to your final days, you did it with dignity, fun and laughter. Fly high and keep on smiling beautiful lady with love xxx

Ellen Nelson 

I did not know who Deborah James was until my partner was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in Feb 2021. My partner and I didn’t know what our life would look like after his diagnosis, but looking through Deborah’s page showed us that he and I would be able to continue living a full life. My partner wasn’t on social media, but he asked that I show him Deborah’s posts every time she shared something new. I truly believe that it was Deborah sharing her honest experience of living with cancer, both the good and bad, that gave my partner the “screw you cancer” attitude he had for the 11 months he was with us following his diagnosis. She helped us both, and our friends and family to find the good in the bad and continue living and enjoying life.

Anne Mitchell 

I’m a bowel cancer warrior and survivor initially diagnosed in 2014 with Crohns which turned out to be “hiding” my stage 3 tumour despite having every test. I have been inspired and totally in awe of what you have managed to achieve Dame Deborah - you have undoubtedly made a huge difference to peoples lives and outcomes - you are truly loved And heaven has gained an angel with such a force of nature that you have left a magnificent legacy - check your poo but by god jump up and down if you don’t think your diagnosis is right - it could save your life. Sweet dreams @bowelbabe - you totally rocked! ๐Ÿ’œ

Gail Taylor 

Deborah, you were an absolute inspiration to so many. I lost two amazing friends within 2 years of each over the last 10 years both young girls. I have said so many times I wonder if they could have been saved if you were around back then. They couldn’t be saved but I have no doubt you have saved many many lives. Not just through your fundraising but the awareness you have created of catching this illness early. Me and my buddy T swam the channel on Sunday night and finished by us and our crew wearing your t shirt. You inspired us to keep going when times got tough. Now I hope wherever you are you are at peace and free of the pain that has been with you for so long. What a girl, what an inspiration, what a life! Thank you for all you have done. Now time to rest in peace. Xxx

Sheila Ross 

I would never have gotten through my journey in 2019/2020 without her words and funny stories. Such an inspirational young woman taken far too soon. Rest In Peace Deborah x

Clare Williams 

I came across Deborah when my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in August 2020. She gave such hope , raised awareness all with a smile on her face. I sadly lost mum at Christmas so was so sad to learn of Deborah's passing. Rip.

Jess Tierney 

Wow , what can we all say? What an incredible lady. She has inspired so many people and more importantly, she has saved so many peoples lives. Who can honestly say that they knew all of the bowel cancer signs before she started campaigning? As I know that I certainly didn’t.

She has left such a legacy behind her. One that will carry her family going forward. My heart goes out to all of her friends and family as we all grieve this incredible loss together. Fly high up there Deborah xxx

Lauren Tuohy 

When my mum died of bowel cancer at 34 it wasn't something that was talked about, everyone assumed it was a cancer older people would get. This campaign to put the signs and symptoms and the forefront of people's minds is amazing. Such a selfless person to help others even on her darkest days. Sending love to your family.

Elizabeth Harris 

I am, fortunately, a Bowel and Kidney Cancer survivor.. Had operations almost 7 years ago. Ever since, I have been urging everyone I know to check โœ”๏ธ their poo ๐Ÿ’ฉ, and get their Bowel screening done โœ”๏ธ Have been following Deborah's story for a few years, and am in awe of her โค๏ธ. She has saved SO MANY lives, and her legacy will live on โค๏ธ. Love and hugs to this lovely lady's family and friends โค๏ธ

Helena Paul 

Dame Deborah you were a true hero. Your determination, positivity and light were an inspiration to the entire nation.
I had been ignoring similar symptoms to those you specified and had a colonoscopy which was thankfully clear. I’m still having symptoms and have learned from you not to give up- I will push for further investigation.
Thank you Deborah, rest peacefully.

Robin Johnston 

I was 'young' to be diagnosed at stage 3 at the age of 48, and am happily all though that. To be stage 4 in your 30s is tragic, but it's incredible how Deborah turned it into a positive message and a platform of campaigning, awareness and fundraising. A true inspiration to all. RIP.

Jane Leach 

My darling sister had the same, sadly gained her wings at 39, 15 years ago after a tremendous fight โค๏ธ X . Thank you Dame Debs for telling your story and getting us to talk โค๏ธ X All you angels are in our thoughts and hearts and it was a privilege to hear your story โค๏ธ X

Alison Newell 

Dearest Deborah, I’m so saddened to hear of your passing. You were incredibly brave, strong, and cared for others right up until the end. What you’ve done for Bowel Cancer Awareness has been remarkable. A subject which I found rather taboo in the past by so many. I lost my dear Mum to this dreaded disease in 2007.
Sending your family and friends massive love and virtual hug!

Denise Binding 

Deborah and I didn’t know each other. But we’re both mums of two from Surrey who were diagnosed with bowel cancer at the same time and had connected via a few Twitter messages in the early months. I was incredibly lucky that my cancer was caught early enough to be cured and so I have followed her in a parallel world throughout the last 5.5 years all the while thanking my lucky stars. So impressed by what she has achieved and feeling very sad for her children and families loss โค๏ธ

Sian Salkeld 

So very sad to hear this news today. We're so grateful to Deborah for everything she has done for the bowel cancer community.

Deborah has made a monumental difference to awareness of bowel cancer, particularly in younger people. Her legacy will go on for many years to come, helping people to know what the signs and symptoms are and, hopefully, get diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Sian, Wales Programme Lead at Bowel Cancer UK

Bowel Cancer UK 

Our thoughts are with Dame Deborah's family and friends at this very difficult time. Deborah was a huge inspiration to so many people and we are incredibly lucky to have known and worked with her. She has built a lasting legacy and undoubtedly helped to save many lives. She will be dearly missed.

Kerry Thomas 

Deborah's absolute determination to live life to the full was incredible to watch. By talking about bowel cancer openly and honestly she has left a legacy in which so many more people are aware of the symptoms and able to share what's happening to them. Thank you Deborah for all you did. X

Niki Barton 

I was so sad to hear about Deborah's death - she's been such a phenomenal force for good over the last five years. Fundraising, awareness raising, busting taboos and being funny, honest and down to earth in the process. Much love to her friends and family.

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