Help us to stop bowel cancer

Case studies

We have many people affected by bowel cancer who are willing to share their story. Please do get in touch and we will help find an appropriate case study for you.

In the meantime, here is a small selection.

For case study enquiries, please call the press office on 020 7940 1766 or email

Jonny Walker, age 21, West Sussex

Jonny was diagnosed with bowel cancer on his first day of studying music at Worthing University.  It was 2012 and a couple of months previously he had been feeling sick, lost a lot of weight and couldn’t hold any food down. By the time he had got into hospital he hadn’t eaten anything for two months.  Jonny had gone to see the GP but they never thought it could be bowel cancer, they had thought he might be diabetic or have Crohns. Jonny had extensive surgery and chemotherapy but the cancer returned and was inoperable. Jonny passed away in October 2014. His farther Mac now supports us to spread awareness in younger people like Jonny.

Lucy Fassett, age 45, London

Lucy first went to her GP with bloating of her stomach. She was told she was fat and it was to do with 'her age'. She then started to suffer with an altered bowel habit. She went to her GP five times over the next year, complaining of constipation, bleeding and bloating, and each time was told it was to do with the menopause and was given different laxatives to try and cream for haemorrhoids. Finally, a colonoscopy revealed that she had cancer in her colon which had spread to her lymph nodes. She had surgery to remove the cancer and underwent chemotherapy.  She has since been given the all clear.

Andy Sutton, age 56, Staffordshire 

Andy is the father of Stephen Sutton who raised millions for charity and died of bowel cancer in 2014 aged just 21.  Andy has also had bowel cancer.  He was diagnosed with it twice - in 1989 at the age of 31 and 20 years later in 2009.  It was only the second time round that Andy was tested for Lynch syndrome, the genetic condition that increases the risk of bowel cancer. Since being diagnosed with Lynch syndrome Andy has a routine colonoscopy every three years.

Joy Dansette, aged 63, Oxfordshire

Joy, 63, a former head-teacher, completed a screening test shortly after she turned 60, having received it in the post.   After two tests showed abnormal results she was asked to have a colonoscopy, where they discovered a large, stage 3 tumour. Joy had an anterior resection of the bowel to remove the tumour, followed by chemotherapy.  She received the all clear at the end of 2014 and now volunteers for us.