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Skydive anytime

Take to the skies with us this year and experience the best views from 10,000 feet in the ultimate adrenaline rush. It's a once in a lifetime experience and we'd love to have you join us. 

Event details

  • Dates: Any date that suits you
  • Location: Across the UK
  • Registration fee: £70
  • Minimum sponsorship: £395*

* Airfield costs can vary slightly and this can affect your minimum sponsorship amount required.

Our skydive provider Skyline has airfields located across the UK. Once you've decided on your location, simply pick a date that works for you and pay your £70 registration fee to join our brave team of skydivers.

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Have your own place?

If you've already arranged and paid for your own skydive, we'd still love to welcome you to our skydiving team. There's no set fundraising target; we just ask that you raise what you can.

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What does the jump involve?

  • Jump and training completed in one day
  • Harnessed to an experienced parachute instructor at all times
  • Freefall down to 5,000 feet – falling through the air at 120 mph!
  • Landing controlled by your instructor
  • Certificate to prove that you have completed a 'two-mile high' Tandem Skydive!

What COVID-19 safety measures are in place?

In accordance with government guidelines, all Skyline operated airfields will have strict safety measures in place to protect everyone attending their sites.

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Are there any restrictions?

To take part in a skydive you must be aged 16 or above.

You'll be required to sign a medical form before you jump declaring your fitness to take part – this will be sent to you once you have reserved a place. Pre-existing medical conditions don't mean you won't be able to take part, but if you suffer from any of the conditions listed on the form you'll need your doctor to agree it's safe for you to take part. Your doctor will need to complete a separate form found here.

What's included?

You'll receive a welcome pack, including an exclusive, branded t-shirt to wear on the day as well as unlimited support from our events team.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the event, the application process or would like to discuss other available options for skydives, email or call 020 7940 1769.

The jump was truly incredible and something that I will never forget...I was beaming from start to finish! Deborah

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