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Star of Hope Funds FAQ's

  • How long does a Star of Hope Fund take to set up?

The initial set up will only take a few minutes. You can then add memories, photos and videos as and when you have the time, and are comfortable doing so.

  • Can previous fundraising and donations be added to the fund?

Yes. You can add offline donations to the fund, which can represent any amounts previously donated.  You can also merge any donations, messages and media from a JustGiving page; this can be done very simply on tribute settings, under the Events section of your fund.

  • Who can see the fund?

The person who sets up the fund is known as the Tribute Fund Holder, they can decide if the fund is private or public. This setting can be changed at any time.

  • Are there any set up or maintenance costs?

No, the funds are completely free to set up and use. However any donations made through the fund are processed by CAF, who take a small processing fee.

  • Is my fund secure and safe?

Your fund has your own unique internet address (URL) and is totally secure. We work together with the charity Much Loved, who are a well-established and trusted organisation. They have been the leading tribute fund provider since 2006, and have over 200,000 members. 

  • Can I speak to someone about Star of Hope Funds?

Our In Memory team at Bowel Cancer are happy to help- or 0207 940 1769. Alternatively, the team at Much Loved can also be of assistance

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