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The Big Jump for Bowel Cancer UK

Join us for an unforgettable day and take part in a tandem skydive from 10,000 feet. Experience the thrill of freefalling at 120 mph with team Bowel Cancer UK for a rush like no other in The Big Jump!

Event Details

When: Sunday 15 October 2017

Arrival at the airfield: 12-12:30pm

Where? Hinton Airfield, Steane, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5NS

Entry fee: £70.00 (paid directly to Sky Line during the registration process)

Minimum sponsorship target: £395.00

What's included? You will receive a Big Jump Welcome Pack, including a fundraising guide full of top tips to meet your target sponsorship, a Bowel Cancer UK T-Shirt to wear on the day and unlimited support from our events team. 


What does the jump involve?

  • Jump and training completed in one day.
  • Harnessed to an experienced parachute instructor at all times.
  • Freefall down to 5,000 feet – falling through the air at 120 mph!
  • Landing controlled by your instructor.
  • Certificate to prove that you have completed a ‘two-mile high’ Tandem Skydive!

Are there any restrictions?

To take part in The Big Jump for Bowel Cancer UK you must be aged 16 or above, and weigh fifteen stone or less. You will be required to sign a medical form before you jump declaring your fitness to take part - this will be sent to you once you have reserved a place. Pre-existing medical conditions don't mean you won't be able to take part, but you may need your doctor to give you the okay.

Can I use a GoPro?

The airfields do not allow you to use your own recording equipment for the jump – however you can purchase filming from the airfield on the day. The cost of this can be found here. If you would like to have your jump filmed there is no need to book that in advance you can book and pay for that upon your arrival to the airfield on the day.

What should I wear? 

You just need to wear comfortable clothing (like your Bowel Cancer UK t-shirt!) and suitable tie up shoes (e.g. trainers or something similar). You will be provided a jumpsuit on the day. 

Do I need insurance?

It is not required to have personal insurance, and it is at the discretion of the jumper. By taking part in the jump, you will be automatically covered for the British Parachuting Association’s third party insurance which will cover you for any accidental harm you may cause to others by your skydiving (an example would be damaging someone’s property through an off-landing). 

How long will it take?

The jump time will depend on the weather and how many other people are booked in that day. There is a small chance you could wait all day until you jump. The airfields do operate a first come first served basis though – so the earlier you arrive the earlier you will jump!



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Can’t make that date? Get your own skydiving place on another day at one of 18 locations across the UK and fundraise for Bowel Cancer UK. 


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If you have any questions about the event or the application process, please email or call 020 7940 1769.