Help us to stop bowel cancer

Keep it safe and legal

When you’re organising an event, it’s important to make sure that everyone’s safe so that you can concentrate on raising money to stop bowel cancer. Here are some tips to help you think about health, safety and any legal issues.


There are rules around raffles which should be followed and sometimes you’ll need a license from your local council. Check out our raffle guidelines and contact the fundraising team if you have any questions on or 020 7940 1769.

Gift Aid

We can claim Gift Aid on most donations so ask everyone donating to tick the gift aid box on your sponsorship form. This means we'll receive an extra 25p on every pound raised at no extra cost to the person donating.

There are a couple of rules - only donations made by UK tax payers are eligible and if you’re taking part in a challenge where we’re paying for your event place (for example a guaranteed charity place in the London Marathon) we can’t claim Gift Aid on donations made by your relatives.


Our charity registration no. 1071038 (England & Wales) and SC040914 (Scotland) must be on all printed items that you use. Download our guide on how to use our brand. If you’d like to use our logo, please get in touch for permission.


Remember that you’re responsible for any fundraising activity that you hold and we can’t accept liability for any fundraising activity or event you organise or take part in. If you're planning an event which involves the general public you'll need to budget for public liability insurance, which you can get from any insurer. If you're holding an event at a venue which has liability insurance (such as a pub or village hall) check that it covers your activity.


We recommend that you do a risk assessment to make sure your event is as safe as possible – you can download a template here. Think about things like first aid and how you’ll keep any money raised safe.

Food hygiene

If you’re selling food at your event, remember to store it correctly and keep children and animals out of the preparation areas. Always provide appropriate clothing and don’t forget to label all food that contains nuts or other allergens. Make sure you follow the food hygiene rules and advice for fundraising events at


If you want to collect money on the street, sell alcohol at your event or provide public entertainment, you might need a licence from your local council – get in touch with the fundraising team or your local council to find out. 

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