Beating bowel cancer together


Decembeard is back and it's bigger and hairier than ever!

Taking part is simple: ditch your razor and let your beard grow this December. Already bearded? No problem. Dye, ditch or decorate your beard and join the campaign.

Sign up below to receive your free fundraising pack which will include a guide with lots of ideas to help with your beard growing and fundraising.

In order for us to keep funding lifesaving research and supporting everyone affected by bowel cancer, we ask that you raise a minimum of £100.

Our vision is a future where nobody dies of bowel cancer. We're determined to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer by championing early diagnosis and access to best treatment and care.

Join us this December, get growing and raise as much as you can. Sign up today!

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Win a shaving kit

Can’t wait to shave it all off in January? Here’s the perfect reward to finish off Decembeard in style: this shaving kit comes with a razor, shaving gel and a travel cover, all wrapped up in a stylish gift box.

For a chance to win it, simply raise £50 by Sunday 15 December. Email if you’re fundraising offline and don’t have a JustGiving page.

Find out why others have taken part

Mark Thompson, 32 from County Durham, signed up to Decembeard last year after both his parents were diagnosed with bowel cancer.

"When you’re in this situation you feel totally helpless, and raising money to support such an important cause made me feel like I could at least be of some use!"

Read Mark's story

David, 40 from Giffnock in Scotland, raised over £3,000 last year by simply growing a beard in December. 

"For a now 40 year old man whose only previous attempt at facial hair was Movember this was a bit different. I think almost everyone I spoke to donated and most liked my #checkurpoo!"

Read David's story

We caught up with Vamsi Ramana Velchuru, a consultant bowel cancer surgeon from Norfolk, about why he dyed his beard last December for the charity.

"I want to set an example for young cancer patients; having a positive outlook and with the support of a loving family and supportive friends they can regain normalcy in life."

Read Vamsi's story

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