Help us to stop bowel cancer

Hold Amy's Hand

Since 2013 we’ve been working hard to create change and improve the experiences of younger bowel cancer patients through the launch of our Never Too Young campaign. We’re very proud that this campaign is now in partnership with the very successful ‘Hold Amy's Hand’ initiative.

What is ‘Hold Amy’s Hand?’

Amy Watts, an entertainment journalist from Bury, Lancashire, had been working in the US and receiving chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer. After being advised by doctors in the UK that she needed urgent surgery, and unfortunately quicker than the NHS could provide, a fundraising campaign was launched by an incredible group of supporters, family and friends.

They raised an amazing £100,000 in just ten days, but sadly Amy's condition deteriorated before she could have the operation. She died on 5 March 2015.

Now her supporters intend to make real change for younger people with bowel cancer by partnering with us.

What are we doing?

We’re working with ‘Hold Amy’s Hand’ to create a lasting legacy in Amy’s name and have a significant impact upon bowel cancer in younger people in the UK through our Never Too Young campaign.

How can you help hold Amy’s hand?

Support us and 'Hold Amy’s Hand' by making a donation directly to the campaign through JustGiving.